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The middle two probably describes the lemmy users as well.

I guess hypothetically it doesn’t take long to teach someone how to use a gun, but based on my interactions with people who refuse to touch a gun or want to destroy any current legal firearm ownership legislation - teaching them to be proficient with a firearm will be an entirely different ballgame.

Whoaaaa. Wait, do people on Lemmy think Ugiar thing is a conspiracy? That’s like election result denial level of brain wash

So much this. I reconnected with my dad after 10 years. We both can be stubborn. And all it took was sending an email. It took some time and things were a little awkward at first. But since, we’ve really made amends. He attended my wedding and now it’s to the point where we visit one another a handful of times a year. We talk on the phone at least monthly and text often. I’m really glad I decided to send that email that day. Can’t imagine if I hadn’t.

I used to work in the waste sector - been to a lot of dumps. Let me tell ya, public sector dumps were literal dumpster fires compared to their private counter parts. Inefficient. Years behind in technology. Weighted down by nepotism and typical government employees.

It was such a relief when I knew I was assigned to a private sector dump where things just fucking worked because people just let it work.

Double standards are lost on some folks.

You deserve the downvotes. Keep ordering delivery.


Childish and cringe is exactly what this is and does nothing for anyone.

While doing nothing is good for some, I’m sure many are like myself and feel better keeping busy or at least doing things I feel are semi productive.

My wife can watch TV her whole day off. I can barely sit for an hour and watch something these days, I’d rather clean and listen to a podcast, read or at the minimum - play some vidya.

We have maybe 4 or 5 of these babies loaded with dvds and TV series. We basically lived so rural we couldn’t stream for years at our old place. But we did have dvds and used these cases since we could haul them from the bedroom to the living room or basement depending what our plan was.

Now we’re lucky enough to have starlink (yes, initiate the Musk circlejerk) and we still sometimes will go through the albums and watch dvds occasionally.