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I started my Linux journey in the 90’s with Red Hat Halloween. I’m sick and tired of troubleshooting and Debian based distros have been fully painless. Those of you learning your craft should absolutely try to manage things like Arch, just leave my old and tired ass be and I’ll sit here with my old kernel and cheer you on.

I’ve been annoying? I’VE BEEN ANNOYING?!? I take offense of your liberal use of the past tense, Captain.

I hear ya though. I guess I’ve been lucky in my interactions, but the memes make it seem like it’s constant and ever present with vegans, and that doesn’t match with my experience outside of the Internet.

I’m vegan for health reasons and I have yet to meat one of the infamous vegans the stereotype portrays. I ask questions, look for recipes, etc, and everyone has been super nice. I think “those vegans” live primarily on Twitter and Reddit.

PS: I’ve had a working Linux system in daily use since I started back with Red Hat Halloween and I prefer Debían based installs like Pop!_OS and Mint D. Nothing against Arch but I ain’t got time to fight the OS as well as my work.

EDIT: The typo stays.

I love how Cyberpunk 2013 gets a mention but literally everyone still pretends Cyberpunk 3.0 never happened.

Also, where do Solo TTRPGS and Journaling games fall?

“Run out of the house, bleeding, towards a police officer. Immediately get killed by the cop.” – A film by Jordan Peele

“Nobody pets me. ☹️” - Good Working Doggo

I’m an early adopter of Linux (early as in 96-97) but I also run MacOS and Windows so I’m I tell you this from an unbiased point of view. Linux has never been easier to run. My daily driver is a ThinkPad running Pop!_OS Linux and I never have to think about it. I just installed and everything ran.

I don’t game on my daily driver, I use MacOS for music. At this point Windows is relegated to Adobe Creative Suite, GeForce Now, and the occasional game I can’t run on Linux or GeForce Now.

I very much understand hyperfixation and then moving on but that’s not the example given. Buying a new toy, playing with it for two weeks then moving on is basic human behavior, not hyperfixation. Buying a blender then becoming so obsessed with it that you become fixated with it to the point where you think about it constantly, read, research and basically know more about it than could possibly be necessary then poof…gone, is hyperfixation.

Over diagnosing can lead to over correction. This is how we end up with basically normal people getting pumped full of meds that were not designed for them. Someone reads examples like the one posted, talks to a doctor and the next thing you know are on a cocktail of Adderall and antidepressants, which in turn destroys their ability to sleep, so then they also end up taking Ambien. So on, and so forth.

I am not minimizing the disruptive effects of ADHD, obviously. I am suggesting that EVERYONE take posts like this with a big grain of salt

I have had to live with ADHD for over fifty years. That “tweet” is not ADHD. Not every aspect of being human is a disorder.

Same with Reagan (for some). When you rip out the brakes you get to go fast, which is great, until you need to turn or avoid a brick wall.

The positive effects of deregulation are instantaneous, which is great for the current administration. The shit hitting the fan takes its time, which is bad for later administrations.

EDIT: Gore did win. Never forget that.

I’m old enough to remember the Reagan years. They absolutely sucked. I also voted for and was happy with Clinton. That said, in hind sight, Reagan set the house on fire, but the deregulation during the Clinton years threw a barrel of napalm into it to help it along. 1980-2000 is when we destroyed it all.

Isn’t that backwards? I’m desperately trying to focus and my brain is going all over the place.

One of the reasons why I like Skill Up reviews is because he tends to focus on whether or not the game is a good time.

Y’all gonna pretend that while COVID-19 had us all hiding at home, a bunch of y’all didn’t learn to knit, play guitar, bake bread, and all sorts of other things to pass the time and not think about the apocalypse going on outside?

Shit, Bo Burnham made a god damned masterpiece during lockdown.

I’m assuming this needs to be read right to left, correct?

Remember the net neutrality regulations that douchebag scrapped then opted to make a shitty YouTube video about? I do.

I second Standard Notes. My focus is very geared towards privacy and security and Standard Notes excels at that as well.

My mind drifts during sex often, which has definite benefits. I assumed the lists thing was a joke but I do things in the same manner. My wife calls it “sorting”.

Freezing to death because you can’t afford gas or electricity?

I just threw Linux on a 2015 MacBook Pro. The specs still can’t run any good games but it does well enough with 2D and retro pixel art games.

Stopped flirting, I’m married! But…u know…don’t stop.

If for some reason self hosting doesn’t work out, try looking into Proton Calendar. Secured, encrypted, and Swiss. They do not entertain subpoenas.