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«Or people can change their comment and leave in “Edit: typo” to throw people of their trails» indeed, my friend

The train was carrying electric sharing kick scooters to be deployed into metropolis and Superman wasn’t about to let it happen

Are there any girls who haven’t watched the tape? Kind of not eager to have Samara on my daughter’s birthday

Yes, that’s what a policeman was on paper when a couple of guys were deciding who would be the guy that saves your life when a delinquent tries to take it from you: uncorruptible, not interested in personal gain when on duty, not interested in the amount of respect he thinks he deserves, would indiscriminately arrest the president’s son if he caught him snorting cocaine, would consider his gun the last resort (actually). Basically an omnipotent, indiscriminate, fair god would be a great policeman, not a regular human being. We have no cops; we only have egomaniacs, thugs and those who do their best at becoming that what they were learning for at the academy.

That’s exactly right. They won’t.

Absolutely. You either get privacy or you become a public official or a public figure, which makes you public, out in the open.

If one wants privacy, then maybe they should be a bouncer at a strip club, not a public servant

If only it were a piped link