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I compared two pictures. I guess I gotta watch that in the future, might upset someone 😉

Japan likes tea way more than this meme lets on

Replace “language” with “mythology” and this works

Common practice in digital game stores

Or just don’t eat with judgemental people.

logical fam > biological fam

More like legal backpedal

Anything can be funny if the joke is written well

Lovin’ it up when I’m droppin’ pounds

RC-XD, Call of Duty Black Ops

Is this that irony the kids are always talking about

I’m all in on the strange juice. Bring that shit on.

I got their tip riiight heeere

Don’t threaten me with a good time

Something something, yellow brick road

Gonna have to say NO to this

It’s cute that you think they’re spaced out by a whole month 😅

You do realize they come in more than one size, right? 😅

Meh, I already keep a small paper clip in my wallet for clogged vapes, controller resets, SD cards, etc.

This would be amazing if rain always fell straight down 😂

It was the lack of single player support that drove me away

GTA V was crap, why would I be looking forward to the next microtransactionfest RS is puking up?

That’s a funny way to spell ThePicardManeuver 😂

I have to do top hour because I’m on here too much 😅

That’s like saying a phone could teleport someone 🤣

This wasn’t considered creepy back then

I really tried to like it for years. Bought it on suggestion from a friend. Couldn’t enjoy a game that has a timer constantly dictating what I do and how I do it, had the same problem with Bully. Great game, if I was given free reign of my own actions instead of a time-limited version.

Also, I’m getting a bit tired of pixel graphics, been looking at them for the better part of 30 years. Time to move on.

memes up there yo ☝️

Duck is known for being much richer in flavor than other meats 😙👌

Boxes, too, apparently 🤔