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I’m having a hard time believing that… There is a difference between being able to fix the update issues every time without problems or having no problems at all. But if so, neat.

Damned I am about one hour late haha. I posted the original one on ! ❤️

Yes and everyone is talking about it

mv .config .config.old235 :D

I didn’t, I just liked Linux more. It allows us to play around more, but also fuck up more…

It actually works quite well. Seperate home partition and off you go 😁

I have a USB drive bay. Just swap disks to play around with other distros. It’s pretty neat too

Mate I use flatpak too it’s a meme I reposted not created


Obviously an apple shill getting paid in update money

I actually had that happen during my last update from 23.04 to 23.10 a few days ago.

Put iso on Ventoy usb and fixed it with a few clicks.

Android is basically Linux. But I don’t see many communities obsessing over it, the ‘year of the linux desktop’ thing has been a meme for decades.

But it’s on your phone, it’s powering most websites including this very lemmy instance, it’s on Steam Decks. Linux is everywhere. But if you want to narrow it down to desktop computers then sure, it doesn’t have anywhere near the marketshare windows has.

If you want to check out some linux distributions, I would suggest you use Ventoy. You can then copy the ISO’s to your USB drive and boot from them without having to reformat your usb drive all the time. It’s a really cool tool and I can highly recommend it. I always carry ventoy with me for work with rescue disks, clonezilla, etc.

Personally I would recommend either Ubuntu or Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE - it’s what I use). It’s a one of the most popular distributions and well-documented and supported.

If you want to have a look at what’s available, check out

Edit: If you’re not ready to install on your own hardware, try playing around with Virtual Machines - like Virtualbox.

Hah yeah it’s crazy. Anyway, zsh or death.