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Implying that all cheeses of the same type are roughly equal is insanity if you actually cook. Even between different producers of the same region in the same country you can get wildly different texture, humidity, flavor, behavior when heated, etc.

We could try, but the crushed olive you call your brain wouldn’t follow along.

Literally nothing, Zoomer. Unless you mean what I’m currently supported by, in which case the answer is I’m on a chair.

And you’re last statement is an outright falsehood. You replied. Ergo, you do give a shit.

Non sequitur. I care about public discourse and information availability. You could die literally right now and I wouldn’t be more fazed than if a single grain of sand fell on a beach.

Your entire premise is misogynistic bull.

You state, based on an empty premise and no arguments. Saying things doesn’t make them true, I’d expect you to learn this at an age of approximately 2. Lest, of course, you be an homophobe nazi pedophile that kills pets for sport.

Feisty. Do you also think looking at an egg hard enough makes it boil?

As measured by whom?

Besides, have somebody kick you in the balls repeatedly for hours on end, then maybe you have a comparison.

You clearly don’t have any idea of what it feels like. Be a little less arrogant in your assumptions.

Oh, and they have to kick you hard enough to break your hips.

Completely irrelevant. Pain and injury aren’t the same thing.

I’m going to go ahead and say it: you’re wrong.

I literally don’t give a shit what you think.

AMD’s support for AI is just fine, you just have to choose a path - if you’re on Linux, use their CUDA translation software (ROCm), if you’re on Windows, use DirectML.

Frieren is easily the best anime of this year - even as a massive BLEACH and JJK fan.

Dragonborn: dunno, I just say shit and it happens.

Oops, wrong universe.

Memes are getting too Meta. They might even pop up as a round ball with bat wings and a helmet, soon.

Take it up with Tolkien and the entire genre he spawned, buddy.

Aka Are a different species

A.K.A. a different race, as per Tolkienian storytelling and myth-building

The only non-elven race with darker skin are the Redguards, so there`s literally no other option.

That’s a lie. A kick in the testicles results in a greater pain than childbirth, as measured.

Downvotes don’t change reality and empirical data.

Why are you lying? Bretons, Imperials and High Elves get a plus to magic abilities (Int, Wil), as befitting their lore of magic casters. Nords and Redguards get a plus to fighting abilities, as befitting their warrior origins.

They don’t come from the same gods because they’re from a different Kalpa. Stop trying to create drama.

My brother, read the fucking lore. Atmorans (Nords) are the fallen gods who followed Shor. Elves are the fallen gods who followed Auri-El. Redguards come from a different Kalpa (rebirth cycle).

You can choose to interpret it however you want.

So, in YOUR opinion, there are good things about Nazis. Good fucking job showing the world what you truly are.

Zionist astroturfing scum has to watch their backs before they get stabbed. Just saying.

For stupid people, that might be true.

For companies “illegal” just means “make more money than the fine you’ll pay once you’re caught”.

Yeah, I’d rather live there for the healthcare, education and public infrastructure.

There’s only one region in Brazil where dry weather is common, and that ain’t it.

Late spring in São Paulo is supposed to feel comfortable, at most 30°C and mild rains. We’re experiencing summer temperatures of 38°C+ and torrential storms. We’re fucked.

Our summers aren’t supposed to be anywhere near this hot, and it’s still spring.

They are, if you’re not an unbearable incel.

It doesn’t. MMA isn’t about action, it’s a martial arts competition.

Only one, but it has my exact weight

The fact she didn’t even bother telling the guy is enough of a red flag.

So your kink is romance. Get a boy/girlfriend.

Are you illiterate? Guy wants more sex scenes in his entertainment - if he’s craving it so much, there’s an entire industry dedicated to this.

Because for 99.99% of all situations, you’d already know what year and month it is, so the most readily available piece of information should be the day.

This meme implies there’s an equal battle between MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY, which is nonsense. Much like imperial units, only 'murica uses MM/DD/YY.

At that point it’s a sugar mommy, not a wife.