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The U.S. and Britain once almost went to war over a pig that got shot for eating potatoes out of a garden.


Fun fact: You know why WWII has been an incredibly prolific genre for history documentaries?

Hours and hours of public domain footage taken by the U.S. military. All of the Nazi footage is also public domain.

They make them because they’re as cheap to make as you could make a history documentary. And people eat them up anyway.

Not that Elon would ever be brave enough to actually get on a rocket to Mars, but if he did, he’d control the air supply like in Total Recall.

No one has to be forced to sleep in something that rad.

No one should have to be forced to sleep in a car in the first place.

Hi, Jew here. You have no fucking idea what hatred means. Oh boo hoo, people were mean to your religion on the Internet.

I’m guessing no one ever kicked the shit out of you personally because you were a Christian. I wish I could say the same.

I’ll leave it to you to guess what religion the people who have done that to me adhered to. Hint: Not Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, Baha’i, Wicca, Unitarian Universalism or any traditional indigenous religions.

Never mind Christians- long before this “cancel culture” bullshit started, Republicans were perfectly happy to censor the Dixie Chicks and basically destroy their careers because they dared to criticize George W. Bush.

I’ve never heard any of them say that was wrong of them, just that cancel culture is the worst thing ever.

I never said everyone.


My suggestion is for everyone.


Pretty sure I didn’t put words in your mouth. I’m also not sure how I can take “I didn’t say everyone” out of context.

You literally said everyone:

We’re talking in circles. You think I only mentioned Netflix. I didn’t. I also said fast food. You also think I said poor people. I didn’t. My suggestion is for everyone.


No, you’re assuming everyone spends that much.

An average is just that, an average. And it’s an average heavily weighted towards the rich.

It means that a vast percentage of people spend less than that, some of them far less.

And what I suggest they do is keep doing it because it’s only a few bucks a month and it won’t make a difference.

My family is not poor and we do not spend anywhere near $300 a month eating out. But we do eat out sometimes. It makes us happy. Sometimes I buy Taco Bell for my daughter. It makes her happy and I like to make her happy because it makes me happy.

You would have us never do any of it.

What else should people deny their kids in the name of money? Toys? Let them play with a stick and a rock?

So everyone should not pay $7.99 a month plus maybe $20 for fast food to because then they’ll have an emergency fund? And without that per month you’ll be able to afford to feed your family? That’s nonsense. Even if it were $50 a month, that would be nonsense.

People are entitled to live decent lives where they aren’t miserable all the time. I have no idea why you think they aren’t.

Sorry that you have to go through all of that. I’m dealing with a mystery illness right now which involves food, so I understand.

I think it goes beyond tribalism. It’s about a baseline of normality society has come up with in recent times. People with ADHD and autism weren’t treated as complete others before those diagnoses existed. They were considered eccentric, but not considered “different from the in-group.”

It was the mid 2000’s. And people spend a lot more than $15-30/month on fast food and streaming services. For the people whose finances I’ve seen, it’s usually closer to 30% of their monthly income that goes to pure wants.

And yet you made a general statement about poor people saying that none of them should spend the $7.99 a month for the lowest tier Netflix service because that $7.99 could go into their emergency fund instead.

I definitely track spending. I’m just tired of people acting like that. I’m talking to someone in this very thread who is saying $7.99 for a Netflix account is not something you should pay for if you’re poor as if not spending $7.99 a month to make your life a little better would cover any medical bills or car repairs or anything else that might qualify as an emergency.

Their reasoning was “I was poor once and I saved money and I did fine.” Too bad they mentioned that they had a color TV when they were poor, as if you could still even buy a black and white TV in the last 20 years.

And I’m saying not spending $15-$30 a month on things that make your quality of life better is not enough to cover any emergency you need to save cash for.

Not having running water is also a first world problem. I assume you think people want running water.

As for a flip phone, do you think anyone can get by in the modern world with a flip phone unless they are working some incredibly shitty job? You were poor when things were cheaper. The fact that you mentioned a color TV alone shows that this was a long time ago now that all TVs are color TVs.

This is no different from “I could afford college when I went without taking out any loans.”

I agree 100%. People who are neurodivergent are demonized and treated very unfairly and it’s disgusting.

I hope not for the sake of paralyzed people and the like, but I wouldn’t trust an Elon Musk company to be the one to do it.

Technological progress can follow an exponential curve. It doesn’t have to. Which is why we’re still using the same basic pacemakers that were invented in the 1950s. Nothing better has been invented for people who have the sort of heart conditions that require pacemakers.

“For long-term memories, please sign up for Neuralink Blue. Only $8 a month!”

I know they didn’t. I was adding on to what they said.

I didn’t say they were. Please re-read what I wrote:

What you mean by ‘don’t need’ is ‘don’t need as long as they don’t want to have a slightly better level of life quality than if they were dirt poor.

Yes, you can go to a library. I love libraries. My wife is a librarian. That doesn’t mean I don’t think people shouldn’t spend $7 a month for a lowest tier Netflix account just to make their lives a little better. Maybe Netflix wouldn’t make your life better. Someone with kids who wants them to be able to watch Teletubbies or Peppa Pig whenever they want, that makes both the parents’ lives and the kids’ lives better.

You are doing something no different from the “stop eating so much avocado toast” guy. Maybe not having avocado toast is a first world problem, but those people don’t live in a third world country. So why should they live like they do?

I was super poor in the 1990s. I still bought CDs and DVDs because they made my life better so I wasn’t unhappy all the time. Sure, I could have gotten all of my music and movies from the library. On the other hand, I couldn’t have listened to the music I liked any time I wanted. Could I have instead saved that money for an emergency or for retirement? Sure I could have. It would have made my life worse and, yes, been damaging to my mental health. I’m not sure why you think libraries existing cure any mental health issues brought upon by not being able to afford to have a better quality of life in a first world country.

“Just start a small business.”

That’s what I keep hearing from Republicans.

I actually owned a small business, which is why I understand what bullshit advice that is.

Considering rent or mortgages alone takes a vast percentage of many people’s paychecks before you factor in things like student loan and medical debts, most people cannot.

And I have no idea how you can even live on $40k a year in a major city unless you’re eating beans and rice with every meal and living in a studio apartment with 4 other people.

I am 46 years old. I have never had enough to be able to survive without working for 6 months. Thank god for unemployment payments.

I am not endorsing this because I don’t have it myself and know nothing about it beyond this, but the savings account Apple introduced a year or two ago has 4.5% interest.

paying for things they don’t need

What you mean by ‘don’t need’ is ‘don’t need as long as they don’t want to have a slightly better level of life quality than if they were dirt poor.’

You don’t literally need things like Netflix or fast food, but they make your life more tolerable right now so that you don’t die of the endless stress and misery.

Sure, there are ways some people can cut expenses. There are also ways people could cut expenses, but at the expense of their own basic mental health.

I have a little more in my account today, but last week I had the fun of saying, “I have $36 in my bank account but I’m still richer than Donald Trump.”

I still consider that a victory.

Multiple times now, I’ve had people on Lemmy tell me that I am either not caring about my future or not caring about my child’s future because I buy myself an occasional chai latte and her an occasional smoothie or some Taco Bell food.

I hate this idea that you should deny yourself any and all pleasures in life so that you can have a decent 10-20 end-of-life years when you retire. People made fun of the avocado toast guy, but suddenly now he’s got the right idea?

I’m not going to have major retirement savings if I put the maybe $20 a month at most that this costs and it makes our lives a little less miserable right now.

Nonstimulant medication is also not a cure. There is no cure for ADHD. It’s like saying there’s a cure for schizophrenia (not comparing the two as issues). Some things don’t get cured, they just get the severity lessened.

I used to work at a recording studio in the 90s. There was a telephone in the bathroom. Once I asked why and my boss said that sometimes people needed a private place to use the phone and that when John Mellencamp recorded an album there back in the 80s, he spent a lot of his down time using the bathroom phone.

It was unknown if he did so while pooping.

I remember my friend had a computer with a Hercules card back then and he could play like 3 games on it. Everything else required EGA, CGA and later VGA (although I think he had replaced the computer by then).

I’ve seen plenty of medical devices with rs232 ports. And I’m sure there’s a lot of legacy machinery out there which require them.

If you have a factory and your computer-controlled machinery was installed in 1995 but still works just fine, you’re probably not going to invest in newer equipment until it becomes a problem.

I’ve never had an HDMI cable fall out of anything.

I think I end a lot of posts with a question mark?

I feel seen! And I don’t have a problem with it. It’s fine. I like writing this way!

Pff. I’ll be fine. I have a Hercules graphics card.

See? No twisty things.

I can still play games, right?

I am definitely a breakfast person and a full English breakfast, minus the horrific beans on toast, is great. I’m not sure about lasagna for breakfast though. Seems like kind of a heavy breakfast meal.