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I’ll do it as long as I can post more Possum memes

It’s not a concern as long as they don’t spread from the aisles into Poland

Nah I didn’t make them I just started posting them

Same, at times it was spitting hard facts hence why Reddit hated it

Mine was literally a piece of stainless Steel my mate turned into a ring. Even made me spares, love them.

Why is this being downvoted !!

Crazy how businesses pull this shit. Yet where I work they won’t let us work overtime cause they don’t want to pay us. But then get shitty when the work is not done …

Pro tip don’t assume

Not a lot of public transport is electric or hydrogen powered so they all use old desal engines. I get his point but at the same time if more people used buses they would offset people driving

Not possible where I live, not enough public transport, not enough bike lanes and too far to travel Daily

You lot must be fun at parties


This is the first Stroganoff meme to make me laugh 😂😂

From a health prospective skipping breakfast is the worst idea ever.

I don’t get the significance of that flag, but I see it everywhere. Even in Australia ffs

They are Scary if you don’t do any research into it to find out that the amount of scare mongering in the world right now is unjust.


I unfortunately have them but not in my real name cause I am gangster like that

Yep tis fucketh, but should be cool this weekend which is good cause I got a 10k fun run I need to slay

Fun fact its happening again with M$ and Office365/Teams

Ahh a fellow motivation enjoyer

Literally had GTA radio playing on a trip