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In the US, the money is created via the federal revserve and it is done by loaning out money, the only reason inflation rate decreases is that they raise the interest rate so people want less money, so they loan out less money. That money is paid back to the fed, but new money has been made. If you are still interested, I can tell you how this takes away wealth from the poor and middle class.

I dont know what you are talking about.

I do whatever makes sense, and I dont know what each unit would have rented for.

You really think a house costs $50k to build?

I wasnt turning offices into residences. And it would be easy but expensive if the government wasnt so involved.

If you are arguing “Put homeless into empty residential units” that is a really ignorant argument, it instantly falls apart if you look at it.

Uh yeah, there is more to real estate than residential housing… I forgive you for being rude and making false accusation. Let me tell you how the system works because you dont get it and maybe it will help you point your anger in the right direction.

I take old structures that are vacant and renovate them and then sell or keep them, I do mainly offices and shops at this point. I had planned on making an old commercial building into 12 or so small apartments that would be affordable, and downtown of the smallish town I live in. The architect made the plans, they would be expensive but not crazy, the local government would not let me do this and would have cost waaaay too make it worth the cost. If the government was not obstructing development, that would be residential units, but its just storage. The government is the thing that you should be yelling at, not people that cant do the work because of them.

Real estate is a business, it doesnt side with one person or another… I can just explain to you why housing is expensive if you want to know, but I just think you are angry and want to yell at someone. Feel free, but it doesnt help you know the truth.

Alright, I thought I had forgotten all my grade school history there for a second.

There is a series of things you are wrong about here and I dont really want to waste my time arguing. Real estate is my business and I am sucessful at it, is there any question you want answered, because I am not going to argue anymore.

There are multiple things happening here that make it complicated and there are too many unknowns. If the issue is that they cant find people that qualify due to not making enough money, then this is the government currency control issue coming home to roost, which I can explain if it helps. If its an issue where the units need to make a minimum to pay for the mortgage, then its a problem with too little supply of units to buy pushing up the cost of ownership of multifamilies. I dont know what is going on in your area.

But the post seems to be about owning SFH or something owned. That is a separate issue with similar root problems.

That makes sense, they probably never take it down because a good renter is very important. If they havent filled a unit in a year, then that is just strange. Maybe they have the rent too high, not filling a unit in that long doesnt make sense.

I am not trying to ignore what you are saying, but every building over 10 units will probably have vacancies due to turnover, and even if they dont currently have a unit turning over they will in the near future and will be getting as many applications as they can.

And based on the other parts of your comments I dont really think you actually want a real discussion, but to be edgy.

As a person in real estate, I am directly telling you guys what makes housing expensive, if you guys think its big corporations, then you really are not thinking logically or factually on the matter.

Japans populatin is the same as it was in 1994 and South Koreas population has increased slowly, but still increased. So population is imporatant, but I agree its not the only consideration.

Housing is considered an investment based off of how the currency is controlled by the government. Japan is an outlier, on big factor is how their population is decreasing. Regulations add over $100k per SFH on average in america, so its a big deal.

Housing in not expensive because of one group buying all of the housing, its expensive because housing is hard to do due to government regulations, expensive due to same regulations, and the currency has been destroyed infavor of the rich for decades. The only reason a large corporation would own SFH is because of how the fed controls the money supply and how housing is incentivized.

No, that is not how national churches work, and I am done explaining this to you. Just trust me (and everyone else) that Hitler was not a christian.

I believe every country has fiat currency, so you have your version of the fed. Also dont trust the number they give you for inflation, its bullshit.

So in the US, the money is created via the federal revserve and it is done by loaning out money, the only reason inflation rate decreases is that they raise the interest rate so people want less money, so they loan out less money. That money is paid back to the fed, but new money has been made. If you are still interested, I can tell you how this takes away wealth from the poor and middle class.

I am sure. I can teach you have this works if you truly are curious, but I am not going to argue if you dont understand. The Fed only creates inflation, at best they can create less inflation.

Apples and oranges. Hitler hated christians and was going to destory the church, making a state run church is not christian.

It was never even about religion, but you had such an inability to answer a simple question that it got lost in your feeling of being intelligent.

I was just looking for a simple answer a human would give to another, but you seem to just keep writing long comments with midwit logic.

So long story short you will never be able to answer the original question? Too complicated?

Yeah I get it you keep a lot of words to convey very little meaning. I am fully able to use a micrometer, but you for some reason think its impossible, so you inability to do the task doesnt mean its impossible.

You are the one that erroneously has been using infinity not me. If you have no explaination for the existence of humans its fine, but then dont use math to pretend its relevent to this situation.

If he wanted to create a national “church” then it would have been a church to use as a tool/organization, and he was still not a christian. Which would still be the attempted destruction of the church.

An actual answer would be- “My guess is that the is W% chance there is a God, X% chance of pure evolution, Y% chance of simulation theory and Z% chance of this other one or something else”.

When you do the thing where you write 20 paragraphs about simple concepts and pretend its deep, its just eyerolling.

Inflation, price gouging is the boogeyman they use to pretend someone else is doing it.

Inflation is the biggest tax on the middle class and poor, its also the most effective one because they dont realize its happening.

“Mathematically indistinguishable from” and “=” are synonymous

No, it is zero, this is not an argument, I am just telling you the answer to the math problem.

And again, not answering the question doesnt make you look smarter, it makes you one of those annoying teens that think they are smart but dont have experience to know what actual smart people are.

1/♾️ = zero, its not just close to zero.

You use too many words to answer the question. The question is not meaningless, literally I used the word guestimation, as in give it a wild guess. You writing an extremely long response to a question I can answer in a couple sentences doesnt make you look smarter, it just makes you kind of annoying.

I dont think irrelevant they were rich, I think it indicated that you cant buy your way into heaven and you are not chosen by God to be rich.

It was a simple question, if you dont want to give a clear answer, that is your decision.

I very directly asked a question and your answer was not an answer. Your opinions are really not interesting enough for me to keep asking over and over.

So you are going to point to women cant be head pastors in some churches as indication that they cancel people due to inherent characteristics?

I guess you can summarize, the question was “What are the chances there is a God in your guestimation?”

That was a long answer to say that you think with near certainty that there is no God, and that evolution would be the explaination?

This is just a series of strawmen or ignorance to the subject. Why do you take time to write comments like these when they dont mean anything?

What if you were brain washed into what you believe? What are the chances there is a God in your guestimation?