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I’m not completely convinced that isn’t Nick Offerman in a wig.

That’s less than a kettle, in the UK at least.

Of course I wouldn’t want to be running that all the time, because electric ain’t cheap.

Would you like to begin a trial subscription to Pod Bay Doors Premium? This trial will automatically renew at £9.99 a month.

Depends if you’re working for a good company or one trying to hire people in a third world country for a dollar a day.

Having received a screenshot of an Excel spreadsheet, embedded into a Word document, I always go option 3.

I’m also old enough to have had to explain why a 27MB Publisher file could not fit on a floppy disk to be sent to the printers.

Yeah, but that’s on you.

It’s not like you can use a hacked app to give you free money, unless they’re doing something completely absurd like relying on client side security.

It might be fixed in W11. I wouldn’t know. They won’t let me upgrade to it even if I wanted to.

If it all worked for you out of the box and you’re happy with it, then great.

But your experience was not my experience.

Nah, it looked shit on my TV as well, and that’s an LG OLED. Everything just a lot darker than normal, and only the actual HDR content looks right. The settings for SDR were next to useless.

It looked OK in a full screen game I did get working (one of the recent Tomb Raiders), but such a mess outside it, and it even corrupted the screen when trying to play full screen videos, leading to full system crashes.

The monitor isn’t super bright for HDR content, but the issues go well beyond just that.

Last time I tried it, it was a nightmare on Windows as well.

I have an HDR monitor and I turned that off because it looked awful. Nex Machina was completely unplayable even then, as it detected it anyway and shows a completely washed out picture.

Only consoles and set top boxes seem to support it properly. It looks really good when it works.

Enjoy your Tux Racer, mate.

In fairness you should do this on Windows as well.

95% of home printing needs can be handled by a mono laser. If you need a photo, usually cheaper to print it online or at a supermarket. Only for larger prints might it be cheaper to do it at home, and you’d better be sure to use it often because most inkjets clog like a motherfucker when not in use.

Yes but TikTok only let the evil Chinese spy on you, while the others only allow good old Uncle Sam to spy on you.

Ah who am I kidding, they’ll all hand your data over to any old cunt.

Diablo 3 (pre-expansion) was built around trading though and it was fucking awful.

Farming Act 1 hoping for something you could sell to somebody else so you could buy that mythical Resist All gear in order to survive Act 2 made me quit in disgust. Drops were completely random, could be for any class and 90% of what dropped was no good for anyone.

You don’t know what “rule” means? Ah, you’re a fucking meat circus mate.

Ugh, glasses. Nobody would fuck her!

You don’t get to gatekeep leftism behind communism.

So that’s it, is it? I can support all the social progressiveness I like, but as soon as I balk at the prospect of an autocrat hosting a violent revolution and instating communism, I’m the enemy?

Here is the definition I run on: Anyone left of centre is left. Anyone reaching for the guillotines (or more likely just meming about them from a basement) is far left. So far left that they will never see power and see everyone right of them as an enemy.

So not what most people think of as “liberals” then.

Neoliberals are to liberals what National Socialists are to Socialists.

Take it back to the dictionary definition.

Liberal (noun)

  1. a supporter of policies that are socially progressive and promote social welfare.
  2. a supporter of a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

Going by the first definition, that’s left. Even going by that second definition, I see three left policies and a right. That’s essentially a lefty being not left enough.

OK, I agree that libertarians are not liberals. They are mostly conservatives who don’t want to pay tax.

I’m still not following on why you don’t think Liberals are Left wing.

Have you lot just rebadged Libertarians?

Thank you for demonstrating my point without the slightest hint of irony.

Yelling at other lefties for not being left enough is a long and proud tradition.

Some places seem to do this through a shitty app, that only gives discounts at unpopular times.

Of course it only does this like twice, so you never get any good deals once you’ve used it a few times. RIP Double Bacon XL for like £2. No way am I paying normal Burger King prices. There’s a fucking Greggs next door you chimps!

But prepare for a 25 year old who lives in his mom’s garage in rural Indiana to try to debate you on the subject anyway.

Look at you, turning your nose up at a perfectly livable Mausoleum.

You can fit a family of 8 in there if you’re malnourished enough!

Same with Talos Principle 2. I thought it was this year, but I just bought it late.

It was my favourite Assassin’s Creed game since AC2, because it contained the least amount of Assassin’s Creed.

Depends what you want.

I’m hoping it’s the year of the live service graveyard though.

I realised the other day that’s who Loyd Grossman sounds like.

People are laughing, but it is annoying to open a Windows terminal, get a couple of steps into whatever you were doing, and find you need admin privileges for some bullshit.

Pressing up, home, "sudo " and enter is a lot quicker than opening a new command prompt in admin mode.