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Germans with poor latin doesn’t change the meaning of words. Just like claiming something is “erroneous” doesn’t make it so.

If your culture is mixing mayonnaise into everything I want no part in it.

Are you an actual idiot? How about the companies pay their employees instead of avoiding taxes like they do today?

Nothing. In fact, they do that where I live. The same companies even. Uber eats etc.

It’s a word trying to describe the left of a political spectrum as an -ism, which is stupid. It’d be like saying liberals (who are on the right of the political spectrum for you Americans) are the same as fascists because their rightists.

Leftist is a stupid term used by Americans with no clue about politics.

Because people stuff themselves with shit and can’t cook.

Every country is a mixed economy. Capitalism/Communism as ideology is dumb (like most ideologies). The closest to a fully capitalist country was probably Somalia in the 90s.