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Linux is just an app for Windows. Always has been.

The cheapest ones usually come without any internet connection.

First of all, LEDs are bloody insane in how they work. And last, but not least, LCD panels bend THEMSELVES!

Windows has a lot of legacy components, because there’s this Fortune 500 corporation which still depends on it in 2023. Say what you want about Windows, but its backwards compatibility is unmatched. Windows also had 32-bit x86 CPU support until Windows 10, meaning that it could still run some 16-bit Windows 3.0 apps.

This framework is part of Win32API. It’s still maintained and is a core API set.

Idk, tradesmen in the UK earn shitloads of money. Pretty good job if you like the lifestyle of it.

Torx screws might last for years, but Torx bits don’t last for more than a minute. Bloody hate them!

Disagree. Torx are the easiest to strip. Torx bits literally last 12 bolts or so.

Just find a job which you love and which pays a lot, problem solved!

The communication method doesn’t mean anything security wise. Here’s a simple example.

Device #1 is an ESP32 based WiFi device with your own firmware. It won’t phone its Chinese parent company every hour because you made the firmware yourself. It’s no less secure or more wrong than using your phone hooked to your WiFi.

Device #2 is a ZigBee device. It doesn’t have any connection to the internet. But you need a hub to interact with it and you decide to use Amazon Echo for simplicity. Now your house is fully owned by Bezos.

You need to inspect every device to see if they suit your needs.

How’s that irrelevant? PLA is a plastic. And can be digested. As well as cellophane. Also plastic and can also be digested.

It’s semisynthetic. Gluten doesn’t appear in nature on its own. Just like viscose is a semisynthetic variant of cellulose.

And that’s why you’ll be poor forever.

Capitalism didn’t make anything illegal.

Our extremely advanced society provides convenience. And convenience is not free. Go live in the woods if you want a free life.

Yeah, you can build a house with a phone. Your few chapters are a bit outdated, by about two centuries. The world has moved on.

But they are. Because we live in a service economy and the only thing you produce are services. Phone is enough. Use it wisely.

Lolwut? You’re delusional, mate.

You already have a mean of production in your hand. But the only thing you produce is stupid memes.

I only use industrial solutions: Kubernetes, Ansible and Docker. My infrastructure is like my source code: versioned in git, maintainable, testable and repeatable.

You can take a look at regulations in other countries. They work. Everywhere. There’s no need to ask questions, everything was already answered all over the world.

Just like Linux! But sadly Windows doesn’t deliver 3rd party backdoors and viruses automatically yet.

Short time? Proton is built around Wine, which is 30 years old. 30 years is not a short time.

There are plenty of deadly conflicts going on right now in poor countries. And their rulers and dictators are going just fine. History repeats itself for sure, yet many still bark nonsense like “eat the rich”.

You won’t eat the rich, the rich will eat you and you’ll be happy about it.

Somehow capitalists all over the world love freight trains. It’s just US being dumb as always.

When the people have nothing to eat they’re thrown into a war. No people - no problem. © Stalin.

Yeah, right, fascism is so capitalistic! This is why Mussolini forced labour unions and nationalised 75% of the Italian economy. What a capitalist!

Lenin did put plenty of people in Gulags. Communism = fascism.

Here in the UK Deliveroo is cheaper than mail and there’s no chance you’ll get your mail in 15 minutes. You’ll be happy to get it the next day.

So you’re saying that Arch Linux is in fact Win98, got it!