Firm believers in Marxism Leninism, cartoons, being a transwoman, and the need for Gulags (I will re-educate you ❤). A disillusioned ex lib and ex mormon, and resident of occupied hawaii. The Empire must burn.


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you mean his complaining about having to do something besides being a colonial cop?

your argument gives proof you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about

mans from SJW, they’re usually a bunch of fuckheads is just reddit 2.0 but worse. Make your own instances with whatever rules you want, don’t chain yourselves to the dicks in charge of

this is the most deranged fucking thread ever

what the fuck


mfer im in college im crying ahhhhhhhh

I would start shooting as many IDF members as possible

what? which part?

They tried nonviolence, and the IDF killed thousands of them for it. Violence is the only option

your words seem to keep getting removed lol

wasn’t that the whole previous conversation, why should I restate points you can read

woah misunderstanding can be malicious, and from the hostility im not getting a very good faith vibe (I don’t really care, but an acknowledgement of shared uncaring would be nice)

also I don’t care anymore, I have a bus stop to get off at and work to get to

the ableism isnt cool, aren’t winning yourself any points there

If you are in the imperial core, not condemning israel and supporting palestine is supporting Israel.

where peaceful musical festival attendees

Oh my god that was so fucking funny. Dance near a concentration camp and you deserve to be shot. Literally right on the fence they used to ‘keep out the Palestinians’.

although the rape is not something im chill with, thats fucking evil, they deserved to be judged (but not by israelis).

Kidnapping though is completely justified. Hostage exchange is something they want to do to de-escalate the situation. They said that they would only be killed ‘one for each dead Palestinian’ in any counter-attack. Israel said they didn’t care and started to glass Gaza. Israel is far more murderous than the Hamas ever could be.

Just because there is nuance doesn’t rob any side of being right.

Keyboard warrior- accuses someone who takes 3 seconds to reply to anything I put out

Defending Israel makes you a fascist. In any context. Looking at your history you seem to be a member of the imperial core, so you either benefit from colonialism or are a settler yourself.

And motherfucker you act like getting told to kill yourself like you should is somehow bad and then tell me to do the same. At least be consistent in your crocodile tears.

you can read your own fucking sentence can’t you? motherfucker don’t you dare act like context and implication, an essential part of language, just doesn’t exist and nothing matters unless you say it word for word.

woah I had a life and a bus to catch you fucking couch-dweller

you immediately went ‘muh fair fight no exist’ after someone pointed out that colonizers used smallpox to kill people. Then had some useless lip service followed by a ‘well, they’re dead now, they lost’.

why the hell should I take you braindead slimeshits as anything but insidious.

I wouldn’t say that. The Democrats at least are pissed at the continued encroachment of Israeli settlers into the West Bank

their billions of dollars they give each year to israel says otherwise

History will continue, and you will never see an Native American owned and run America, no matter how idealistic that might feel, because they are already culturally dead. Native Americans are 4x4 driving casino operators now, they became Americans.

condemning anti colonialism as idealistic because we finished the genocide this time is actually bad if you didn’t know

you advocate for assimilation, a form of cultural genocide

they didn’t fucking become americans, they still exist, I work with them. America is still killing them.

Every american is a settler that deserves to be dragged back to europe, and you know it

I don’t care what you say you are, your opinions are what I judge

defend fascism and colonialism, your are a fascist colonizer

idealism? I actually know the contents of this conflict, while you seem to be blinded by “omg resisting fascism is basically fascism”

the only socialist you are is the national socialist

oh go die you fascist colonizer

Woah people genocided deserve to kill their genociders

Colonizers still get along

palestine was there first, Israel is a far right state dedicated to a colonialism of Palestine

Israel is the wrong side.

Sis, actually. and no, list your reasons, clearly. I want to see how deranged and stupid you can get.

why do you think the US is more socialist than the People’s Republic of China?

braindead comment what the fuck

this is going in the dunktank or SRS because this is a statement worthy of ridicule.

How does having one party rob the country of having a democracy. Democracies dont have to be your shitty splintered capitalist infighting mess you call governments. Not president for life, he can still be democratically removed from office, he just has no term limits. I think no term limits is more democratic anyway.

Heres a fun thought, you acknowledge that the App does have that data collection software as it has been proven by many independent software reviews, so is it worth it for a person, no matter what other country they come from, to betray their own nation’s people and create security risks in order to view and post vines with music?

So what, anything that would damage the US is good, I don’t care lol. Also the software may be in part owned by china, but the heads of the western tiktok division are made up of US national security “retirees” lol.

you’re a fool to believe they just gave up the power to control the country. I bet you think the USA is a democra- oh shit yeah you do think that too. Its a plutocracy babe. You dont live in democracy.

Also are you insinuating China doesn’t have a democracy, not is capable of self correction? You think westerners have some godgiven ability to be the bestest peoples in da world?

memes are fun on tiktok, that is true. Although as with all social media these days, the alg is too good, I hate going down rabbit holes for hours when I could be jogging or playing dnd with my brother.

Politically to. I live in a US state. How are the Chinese going to use my transfem tiktoks against me. Are they going to sell me more estrogen? Hell yes if so lol.

Russia did little interference in the election. A study:

Recent government study: the study itself.

Trump also lost the popular vote anyway, it was the bullshit electoral system that allowed him to slither in. Although I’m not too surprised someone interfered with our elections, we do it to everyone else. Its common knowledge we interfered in the 1991 russian elections and directly manipulated and gave a fake result for their elections in 1993. We were able to directly change and influence their major political powers with their foreign interference, Russia has only managed to make bots annoying people on twitter.

and honestly why would china interfere in our elections, they can literally sit back and watch us fall apart. It is a pure fact that they are economically doing very well, and that we are in decline. Both our parties are anti-china, so who would they fudge in favor of? Stage a CPUSA coup?

Honestly I get how I might be coming off that way, but Im trying to be as neutral as possible. I have not said anything supporting russia or china in these posts, im just trying to introduce the point that the US social media spy apparatus is far more worrying than the Chinese one. I get it for like higher up people, but they have protections the common person does not. Monitoring us losers does nothing for them, just a lot of useless effort they don’t have to do. We are already buying everything from them, they don’t need to do anything for us to keep doing that.

I guess Im coming off as defending china, but I haven’t even done that in this post. I’ve just said they are far less influential than my own government. The US is still the global hegemon, they didn’t get there by being nice to people, they’re not staying there because they’re nice to people, and they will continue to stay there because they are willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top. The global hegemon, especially the USA’s, is far more directly powerful in my own life than the other guys ever will.