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It’s extremely disingenuous and intentionally misleading that our introduction of the Native Americans to young children is portrayed as peaceful and kind when the headline of European immigrant relations with Native Americans is genocide. It would be better to say nothing about them than to leave the opposite impression of what actually happened until they’re older.

It would be akin to young German Children being taught about Adolf Hitler: Staunch Animal Rights activist until they’re older. Sure, I guess he was, but it would be obvious what the goal of leading with that factoid is.

The goal of early social study books highlighting that is to instill “America Yay” ideas in kids heads, a vestige of the whole manifest destiny we did nothing wrong narrative. We are a nation built on foundations of genocide and slavery. That is overwhelming reality. But many, particularly conservative Americans, would prefer that be expunged from our national identity so they can feel better about our history, which is the basis of their war on CRT.

Its fun to reminisce about all the blatant lies we were fed in grade school.

Who remembers that pretty cartoon in their textbooks of the pilgrims and their new friends the Native Americans enjoying a Thanksgiving feast together?

“But its got electrolytes earthy flavor!”

We are obsessed with quantity, but I never hear a good review beyond 50 irl, just a list of pain.

I’ve seen some cool shit and tolerated more than my share of strife. First chronic health problem, I’m out. I’d rather choose when then have it chosen for me.

It’s selfish of the people in your life to expect you to suffer for them until that suffering finally consumes you whole.

We all develop our little pet road hatreds.

My cousin’s are minivans. Mine are still BMWs, so I guess I’m a basic bitch.

This is the basis of capitalism.

Both parties lie to eachother, attempting to get more than the other party through manipulation and coercion with whatever leverage each party has, rejecting the pursuit of equitable mutual benefit, and when it is allowed to metastasize into every sociocultural aspect of one’s cultural mores and values, as it has here in Corpmurica, it creates a toxic, antisocial group of rugged individuals beating each other to death trying to impress the most successful practicing sociopaths who were the best at dishonest manipulation and exploitation of their fellow humans.

If you want to create a civilization at war with and constantly undermining itself at every level instead of working toward the common good of the species/planet/future, this is the global economic system for you!

But hey, it was all worth it for the free market of ideas giving us so many valuable, innovative choices! It has sesame seeds and no pickles?! No fucking way…

This and blazing saddles could not be made today.

But that’s just it, its academic segregation. If it is all about “me” then we aren’t a society and should stop pretending it is. If our society actually gave shit 1 about even equity of opportunity at any level, primary school should be of similar quality for all, or if anything, superior education should go to those from the most socio-economically disadvantaged families.

As it is, just as with our economy, it becomes a snowball effect. One kid with white collar parents gets them into a Charter school so that kid has Food and Shelter Security, superior schools, parents who have time to help etc, while public school kid in a bad district has food shelter and insecurity, bad schools, and parents who couldn’t have done anything with 2 jobs each in poverty.

That isn’t a society, it’s just a scam to make a permanent underclass. That kid would have to be a naturally motivated, gifted individual to overcome that, and the vast majority of people are not.

We need to increase the quality of our main education system, not allow escape for a few to better schools and saying fuck the poorest ones more specifically. You got extra opportunity, so you should see better than most how unfair it is to others.

It’s not a lovely dream, many other nations have better public education systems. We just CHOOSE to prioritize the enrichment of private shareholders over having a robust social framework that prioritizes education in more than words. Social supports aren’t a lovely dream, they exist in societies where those that succeed most are correctly taxed to pay back into the society that FACILITATED their great rise to wealth in the first place.

Oh and where I live, we have a charter chain called “Challenger Schools” That advertises teaching conservative principles, so I don’t see the difference in curriculums as a positive.

For better or worse, George’s specials, books, and albums raised me from a single digit age in lieu of my abusive parent.

“They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying, to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else, but I’ll tell you what they don’t want: They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. Thats against their interests. Thats right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table to figure out how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.”

-George Carlin

Ban charter/private/religious K-12. Rich and poor need to be in the same public ed boat and fight for it instead of having an escape hatch for complainers and the wealthy. Oh and have it be distributed per student state wide.

Charter schools are a trojan horse by the owner class to siphon what little is left of public ed funding into their pockets, after they already cut their own taxes starving public over and over to break it. Some charter schools may be “non-profit,” but they all hire publically traded, for profit charter management companies. It’s just another vector for their grift. They don’t care, they bribed state governments to cut their taxes to starve public education, their kids don’t go there, and they’d rather not pay for the pre-literate work force they benefit and profit from. Their kids go to private schools so they never learn to empathize with human beings who aren’t wealthy when they grow up to exploit them. This is a core rot in this country, our owner class is segregated from their fellow Americans from birth by design. We’re basically a foreign, impoverished country to them.

If every child, special populations excluded, were forced by law to attend public schools, and the funding were spread so that poor kid districts and rich kid districts got the same funding per kid state wide, you’d see funding and quality shoot up so fast your head would spin. Teaching would become a LUCRATIVE profession if the wealthy kids of every district were mixed in to every school.

Won’t happen, this country is a corpse being picked clean, but if the people weren’t deluded into worshipping their greedy, sociopathic oppressors as benevolent job creators, we could turn it around by making it an American problem instead of yet another poor American problem, and making Americans with means and time take ownership instead of using their power to make it worse to line their pockets as they have for half a century.

Instead, our national argument is whether poor kids in school deserve to EAT. What a garbage country.

Nah, senile grandad needs a phone too.

Simple, overpriced tech for simple people who don’t prioritize tech or value.

I hate Steve Jobs specifically, his proud lack of charity, his overt need for the credit of talented people despite being nothing more than a marketer, and notably letting his proven child live on welfare for years as he was worth at the time millions. Most pos market capitalist oligarchs join Jobs in rejecting charity (commensurate with their wealth) and community, but even most of them somehow manage to play human when it comes to paying for their own children to eat without complaint, which made Jobs a particularly awful human being, even among our sociopath owners, which takes a lot of talent in being awful.

You made me angry with myself for agreeing with Steve Jobs.

Would be more true if they stabbed the hand, because after they suggest budgeting, that employee will be put on a list and be first in line to be terminated due to being incompatible with the work culture of pretending to be shiny and happy living in subsistence.

This made me laugh because the HR lady at my company made an email about such “resources” recently.

HR is corporate gestapo, anything you say can and will be used against you, but by all means share your inner demons with them.

Then we will fall to fascism in the near future. Maybe not this election, but soon.

You can’t get people en masse to support you on the message of “Your tangible situation will continue to be horrible, but letting those guys win will cause unimaginably worse horror” cycle after cycle and continue to get them to care, and it is understandable to for them to eventually wash their hands of it, because at the end of the day, voting associates you with this system, and it feels dirty to participate because it makes it feel like you bear responsibility for what a Faustian bargain it is every cycle.

I will keep showing up with a funeral dirge in my heart to vote for the lesser evil and attempt to hold back the bloodthirsty fascist horde yet again without hope for things actually improving, but I’m not the norm. Most sane people will eventually just walk away from it sooner or later because the reality is too unpalatable.

Honestly I wish the proud rigged market capitalists who don’t believe in progressive wealth redistribution, or a society with any equity, would stop calling themselves the “left.”

It’s nice that you support 2 homeless people being allowed to get married regardless of gender identity and live in the same refrigerator box in the same gutter, but the fact remains that no one should be homeless in a society that generates such wealth. This neoliberal mindset shouldn’t pass for left-wing. Our entire effective political spectrum has been reduced to “give rich people all the money and let people do what they want socially” and “give the rich people all the money and torture any non-white conservative Christians socially.”

And yes, i’m voting for Biden to stave off Jerry Lewis Hitler, just as I did last time and Clinton before, full well knowing it solves nothing and only slows the rate of descent into oligarchal madness and dystopia. It’s just voting to keep the water pumps running on the Titanic, it buys time, it is not a path to survival in itself.

Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug.

You know what?


I think you could drastically minimize any impact by doing the time travel in space and merely observing from high orbit, assuming your time machine has no form of exhaust, which if you have a time machine seems like a relatively small engineering challenge by comparison.

You might displace a few atoms in the void, but it’s the safest way one could go about it.

I mean, technically displacing the air with that time machine on such a massive time scale is just as likely to result in returning to a civilization of dolphin people as riding a dinosaur would.

Israel has gone full Scrappy-Doo.

Never go full Scrappy-Doo.

America is pretty fucking bad.

With elections that monied interests can no longer purchase and disproportionately propagandize with their essentially limitless power/capital.

They have politicians work against the people, then buy enough ad propaganda to convince people that was a good decision in their interests without that, politicians would rise and fall moreso on what they do in office.

We are the weird ones in the developed world for allowing unlimited private money to pollute our politics, elections, and even buy sitting politicians though legalized political bribery superpacs. It got this way because of the influence of the wealth class being allowed in the first place using that in to expand its own power and ability to bribe, culminating in Citizens United.

I think our eventual collapse will be tied directly to that SCOTUS decision.

Which is why the absurdity of letting someone accumulate a billion dollar plus discrepancy is so glaring.

There won’t be because the game is already rigged, over, captured, and hoplesss, but there needs to be a maximum net worth at which point the winners of the economy’s excess wealth is siphoned away to benefit the society that provided the conditions for that success in the first place. YOU WON! Now go enjoy having enough wealth to live 100 embarrassingly gluttonous lifetimes while we use the excess millions and billions to build Schools you can send your kids to and roads you can drive your collection of multimillion dollar supercars on. I know, I know, that would be eviiil and crueeel. A real victimization amirite? /s

Why is it a tragedy if the maximum wealth one person can hold is half a billion? Or better 100 million? They won’t want to keep “excelling” and working? Awesome, makes room for people without that kind of money to succeed.

There’s a damn good reason in game design why you NEED to have drains and hard limits and maximums in any multiplayer economy. The game would fucking break or leave players miserable. But not here irl where there are actual stakes. Nope.

I love how so many of them demand love and acclaim for claiming they will give their money away… when they die.

You want me to sing your praises because you won’t use the money you made exploiting countless laborers and lobbying government to benefit yourself above society to anoint a handful of nepo babies to wield that power after you as some part of a new nepo dynasty? Gee thanks?

Its like a serial killer promising not to train his children in the family business. Its not doing good, just doing slightly less bad. Except billionaires cause damage on a far greater scale.

I mean when wealth reaches levels beyond material comfort, needs, and wants, when it becomes easy to warp society. Billionaire’s lifestyles doesn’t change AT ALL between 1 billion and 2, its about expanding power. That is what capital becomes at those levels.

Politicians swoon over you for “donations” (bribes), you begin to see regulations over the industry you exploit your profit from as amendable through lobbyists you can hire to represent your interests over society. Meanwhile that billionaire’s factory workers, customers concerned with product safety, our shared commons, and our communal environment have no advocates with such massive influence to counter them, when the needs of the many shouldn’t just balance the needs of the interests of the wealthy few at the top, they should far outweigh them. As it is, its the other way around. The billionaires have the resources to take care of themselves and protect themselves, most of society does not.

No one should have enough wealth to have more influence over society than your single vote allows. If you want more power, that should come by selling your ideas to society that votes on them by putting you into a political office, with ALL of the rules and accountability that comes with that office.

The White House and Senate often invites the billionaires of industries to be the authority on how those industries should be regulated, and it’s perverse. The Foxes advising on hen house security.

No one should have that much power.

I wouldn’t have trusted Fred Rogers with a billion dollars, and he’s practically the only famous stranger I could have seen trusting with my newborn alone.

It’s a society warping level of wealth. No single, unelected, unaccountable person should possess that much uniltateral power.

The global allowance encouragement of such an exploitative, reckless goal is why we are in our various bleak situations.

I see it as my sacred duty as a peasant to undermine the profit of my workplace wherever safely possible.

When the class war is long lost and one is living under class occupation, guerilla tactics become the only option.

We didn’t set these hostile terms, American employers chose to treat their workforces as disposable liabilities rather than valued partners who all stand to prosper (as many once did prior to the Jack Welch/Reaganomics cultural grift), but we can sure as hell game and undermine them.

It needs to stop pretending to be an investment and go back to strictly being what it was born to be.

A means to pay for illegal drugs on the internet.

For better or worse, George made me the man I am today.

Exactly. The rich monkeys are joined in common purpose, but not out of some grand coordinated conspiracy. Their wealth class values and interests simply align.

George Carlin said it best on an episode of politically incorrect once:

"You don’t need a formal conspiracy when interests converge. These people went to the same universities, they’re on the same boards of directors, they’re in the same country clubs. They have like interests, they don’t need to call a meeting. They know what’s good for them."


In my experience, the most driven, most successful people, at least in western culture, tend to be vacant idiots that never question or consider their impulses or actions. Ready, fire, aim people are rewarded over careful planners.

“Gifted” people tend to be cursed to overconsider their own actions, often to the point of indolence, all the while being expected to respect and appreciate our backwater, superstitious civilization controlled by obvious con-artists manipulating that superstition, altering the language to embed their con into the culture(ex: greedy fuck businessman = “rationally self-interested job creator”), etc, all to aquire more power and wealth, because it’s never enough. Our leaders have no grand intellectual vision or endgame, just “give me more!”

Possessing great intellect in this civilization is more curse than blessing. You know better, but are hopelessly outnumbered by selfish animals far more concerned with getting more than their fellow humans than maximizing happiness for the species and homeostasis for our sole, shared habitat.

Yeah, a group effort, lol

The laborers planned and built the stuff, and the owners took the profits. Good job team!

The severe, civilization scale consequences of the damage we have done, are presently doing, and will continue to do for private profit to our only habitat we all depemd on for survival from one moment to the next also doesn’t care about statecraft or political science attempts to minimize/ignore/discredit it through self-serving rhetoric of those in political power attempting to maintain that power.

Sorry. No bullshitting our way out of this one like it’s just another human on human genocide we can rebrand and massage the messaging of. The physics are determinate, and no amount our patented human extracted snake oil will change that.

Try to spin the greed vice, failing, and personality deficit as a positive like “rational self-interest” all day. Humanity sanctioning and even encouraging that darkest of impulses did this.

I believe humanity has passed the point where we can. We lack the will. We’re monkeys just barely smart enough with concerted effort to create technologies we lack the impulse control to wield responsibly. We figured out gun powder, and proceeded to use it to commit genocides, for example.

This wasn’t a problem for the planet, only one another, until industrialization. Now we’re addicted to technologies that make wealthy people wealthier while poisoning our only shared habitat. Now we’re monkeys with multiple, competing self-destructive but potentially profitable technologies all vying to blow up in our face in the quest to enrich those that hold their patents, and they answer to no one. World governments instead seem to answer to them.

So yeah, I don’t see a non-violent solution where you put a big red nuclear button in an orangutan sanctuary that looks like their food dispenser button, and taking thr big red nuclear button away from them, even by force, is off the table.

I can only control myself, I can’t force my fellow peasants to stop digging their own graves to further enrich a few thousand sociopath families who’ve convinced them this is the only way. There’s peace in acceptance I suppose.

The workers built the means, they just never owned them.

Let me guess, you think Steve Jobs made the iPhone because he pulled it out of his pocket on a stage and took the credit of engineers standing on the shoulders of publically funded basic research? Steve jobs couldn’t engineer his way out of a wet paper bag, and that is well documented.