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I usually hate this meme format, but this is amazing.

Parenting tip: Teach your kids that Charisma isn’t a dump stat. Works in real life too.

I had this happen when I went to use the program ‘plink’. The wall of text was so massive I had to get the line count.

Over 1400 lines of help text.

Do they fuck everything, or get fucked by everything? How that half orc came into existence wasn’t a good time for everyone.

I find having adaptive cruise control makes me less angry. I’ve just stopped caring if the car in front is going 2-3 mph slower than I want to travel at. I’ll pass if there’s room and if my turn is coming up I’ll just pace behind them. I find I usually get stopped at the same lights as everybody anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Oh right, sorry. I kinda forgot about that.

My most recent read through of WoT was while falling asleep. Those sections were fucking boring even then. Most of the time I would remember 10-15 minutes worth and then rewind to what I remembered the next night. During the slog I didn’t even bother sometimes.

You and me focus on different things while reading a book.

No problem. It was a random find at the library for me. I was looking for the next Wheel of Time book, but it was out and these Conan books were right there. I picked them up and loved them.

Actually, I’ll put them next on my re-read list.

Robert Jordan wrote some Conan the Barbarian books. I was caught off guard by Conan being smart. It was rather scary.

I am Spartacus!

I thought he branched out to tech tips as a way of making extra money. Never seen the tech tips myself and with the controversy not too long ago probably never will.

Ooh, do we have another Jesus situation going on here? I’ll hop on on this.

Huh, I guess having a big phone helps? No idea what this is taking about and I use Liftoff.

Obviously she lost her husband. The account isn’t GrievingWidower420 after all.

Looks like a crumby place to sit.

Would there be any restrictions if the YouTube version had no issues playing?

I get “Failed with error code 1002, see logs for more info” when trying to watch the piped video. 🤷

Wow! Been a while since I’ve seen a Michael Crichton quote. I think I’ll have to do a reread of Jurassic Park now.

It’s like Zooey Deschenel without bangs. Unrecognizable.

I loved Trillian for being a messaging app that just integrated gchat, msn, ICQ, etc. I miss a unified messenger so much. I think it died when SMS became mainstream.

First it was Amway, then Tupperware, sheets, candles, and spices. My sister has gone through quite a few of these MLM schemes.