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Realistically, though, that’s no different from blaming climate change on plastic straws.

What about the loss of habitat, anyone who knows even a little bit about birds, at least in the western hemisphere, know that thousands of species only mate in certain areas in certain times of years. The loss of habitats for mating, the loss of food sources in the remaining habitats from pesticides, and the fact that many pesticides and other pollutants LITERALLY DEGRADE BIRD SHELLS AND KILL THEM BEFORE THEY HATCH

House cats shouldn’t be putting a fucking dent in bird populations and it’s both absurd to think they’re the real threat and disingenuous to the causes of ill that plague our ecology

I’m not shitting on you, OP, but in definitely shitting on the person who made this infographic and I’m shitting on the people who continue to push the myth that cats are the leading cause of loss in bird populations. They may kill many birds, but they’re not the reason we’re losing them. Not at all by far.

So you’re saying 6 people independently check your comments and upvote them within less than a minute, and then come back to do it again when you comment, within a minute? Just strange is all I’m saying

You’re using alt accounts to manipulate votes, lol

What are you on about? Incapable of following the comment chain? I’m not a top level comment

China has an active genocide, and they have some pretty strong nationalism and propaganda.

Russia is currently brutally invading another country, and they don’t even get real elections.

The fact that the US was the only one of the world’s major powers you could list as an example doing atrocious shit that also has a history with propaganda, is telling.

Capitalism is too broad of a term to make any type of useful argument. Democratic socialism is still a capitalist way of doing things when it’s miles apart from corporatism. Both still fall under Capitalism umbrella, however one is definitely worse than the other.

Ultimately, commerce will never cease, resources will always cost, etc. Just update your terminology and you’ll find much more reception to your point.

Not making a profit on paper does not mean it’s a terrible business model. It’s how businesses reduce the taxes they pay and how they can afford the hundreds of millions of dollars of payment to the board members.

Amazon was unprofitable for like 20 years out of its total lifetime (not consecutively).

Don’t let this business terminology fool you into thinking it’s worthless. If anything we need to be puting these companies under the microscope for what they’re doing to pay less taxes than they really should be. We need to start closing the loop holes.

Are you saying overt sexualization isn’t apart of modern Hollywood?

Absolutely yeah when you compare it to innovative things like Madame Web

I mean

There was this whole thing called the Soviet Union then there was like a missile crisis

And there was like a group that called themselves National Socialists and they did a genocide and tried to take over a bunch of land by force

We also had to fight a bunch of talking trees that dug tunnels because military industrial complex and heroin

It’s definitely many layers of propaganda but as an American I definitely understand WHERE it comes from, I understand why most people here flinch at the word.

You also gotta understand we had multiple generations in a row huffing lead gasoline so while younger millennials aren’t impacted as bad, MOST Americans are legitimately lead brained.

The only reason I will disagree: there’s already a major FOSS ecosystem on Android. There are tons of high quality free apps that aren’t FOSS

Linux isnt even that popular on desktop, my point is that people will not move if their pre established software use case is not avaliable. I won’t. I know many people who won’t.

And if there aren’t users, there won’t be people making quality software to cover wide variety of usecases and get support, if there isn’t quality software that covers a wide variety of use cases and get support there won’t be users. You need to start somewhere, it’s why the windows phone failed. No devs, so no users, and because no users, no devs.

Modified Linux kernel, but you very well know what people mean don’t you

Linux phones will need to run established Android apps to get users, devs won’t move where there is no users, users won’t move there if there aren’t apps. It’s almost cyclical

Right now we’re working with people who are exceptions to this, users who want to experiment and devs who don’t care about money.

You have to give them trackers and set their parameters

But they still don’t automatically grab finished shows or released episodes, it’s just for keeping a series up to date episode by episode. You have to manually find the show in sonarr and tell ot to grab each season

It actually grabs old seasons and finished shows?

I think I looked into it once but it wasn’t a clear instal for windows or something? I havnt moved to Linux yet

The one thing I hate about sonarr is how difficult it is to get series that are already finished.

Omni with Radarr is braindead easy, but sonarr requires I go ask it to download each season, and sometimes it’ll just download individual episodes, and then many of those are dead torrents because most people are seeding the whole season

Honestly really liking DRG Surviors, and I usually don’t like the genre.

The federal reserve giving money to banks to give out as loans is why inflation is skyrocketing

Former president and former head of the CIA vs his son, a guy called Dubya.

I mean, his father rigged the election the ensure his own son became president.

Bush did 9/11, but it was definitely Bush Sr

Even the trees had were a bad move, no one should ever have left the oceans.

I mean, yeah, for some of us it’s apart of the experience to see a game change and grow over time and be apart of it. It’s nice when developers respond directly to you and even take your ideas into consideration. It’s nice being apart of a community, too

I get this if we’re talking AAA millions of dollars dumped into a game and it goes early access, but EA indie games have been a blast for me for years.

Yeah if any of that actually happened, but it didn’t.

I think shows that don’t have an end in mind always devolve into their purest form

Like Suits, a great example of a show that just went past its life time. It eventually just became people barging into someone’s office and yelling at then over something they misinterpreted, usually with some form of “oh here’s a gotcha I also was doing stuff behind your back” only for the person they’re yelling at to reveal it was either a lie/misinformation or hit them with a gotcha of their own, then they walk down the hall and get yelled at by some temporary character

Yeah I’ve considered leaving Lemmy because of who is in charge of development right now. They were not ready for its sudden burst in popularity and are not handling it well.

Base twelve only because Babylonians.

10 months. Odd months have 37 days, even months have 36.

Is it possibly their rumored standalone/wireless VR headset?

I just bought a Quest 3, but I’d sell it and go for whatever VR headset valve comes out with next, as long as it’s not $1000 like the Index.

Autocorrect makes it apart regardless, so I guess my phone decides what I say

At this point I really only watch ACG, he seems the most honest out of them all.

Seems like most reviews are afraid to say bad stuff about a game until the general consensus has turned against it.

They make money from this, and I think many feel they’ll be locked out of getting review copies if they don’t “play ball” with these companies.