Tell us what game you are currently, or recently played, greater than 6+ months old.

If the game happens to be on sale, a link would be fantastic.

SW Jedi: Fallen Order

I stopped playing a while a go at an annoying boss fight but this week I stuck it on easy mode and continued on. It’s a great game so far and also mostly suitable to play around my kids so they watch. The giant spiders freak us all out though…

Control and Fallout 3.

Control is a masterclass at world building and storytelling.

Fallout 3 is as excellent as always, but even on the Steam Deck it suffers from random crashes. Save often.


I just finished Batman Arkham Knight and started Breath of The Wild… So far I’m liking it!

I don’t know if I’m so noob, but I’m feeling Zelda is a bit harder at the start than Batman lol.

Finished Hitman 2 the other day, now working on the third. It’s… alright I guess. Starting to get a little boring and repetitive.

Compared to 2, 3 also feels more linear imo.

How so? Except for the final mission I guess.

If you only play it for the story, they all have the same amount of linearity. The real value is in the exploration and replayability, doing all the missions again to see what you’ve missed.

Kingdom Come Deliverance. Occasionally it’s a bit tedious but I appreciate a Fantasy RPG without the fantasy as a change of pace, particularly since I enjoy history of that period. I’ve liked it enough that I’m doing a Hardcore run straight after, and taking away much of the UI clutter is something I appreciate (especially with a mod to remove the compass altogether). Not to mention not relying on quest markers adds another element of immersion which would probably annoy me on a first run but adds something to the second run.

Starcraft 2. Two friends and I have been going through a 3-player coop version of the single player campaigns. We just finished the first one, onto the expansions now. It has been pretty fun.

Rip. And. Tear.

Currently working my way through Doom Eternal and I think it’s one of the best first person shooters I’ve ever played. If you ever even touch a FPS game, you’ve gotta play this. The music alone is worth the price of admission.

Side projects I have are Tails Noir, It Takes Two (also an incredible game imo), and Crash Nitro Kart. I have Nitro Kart on a bit of pause since the steam deck can’t emulate it well. Will have to move emulation and saves over to my PC sometime.

Don’t really get the drive to play games much nowadays, but when I do I usually hop onto deep rock galactic or vermintide 2.

Its just so satisfying to shut off the brain and cleave through hordes of enemies with a nuke or a big sword

I picked up Dredge on sale a few weeks ago and got the platinum trophy recently. It’s my first platinum trophy to ever get. The game was well worth the price even if I hadn’t gotten it on sale.

Great game! Just finished it on the Steam Deck.

Now I’m starting Botanicula. Loving it so far

Monster Sanctuary. It’s like a good mix of Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, pixel-style sidescroller with surprisingly deep lore and a lot of quirky monsters with interesting designs to collect. Lots of puzzles, different biomes, interesting abilities, upgradable equipment, an interesting story, rival characters with actual personality (and character development throughout the story) … all in all a well-made “monster collecting” adventure game.

It is also currently on sale in the Nintendo eshop, at least in Germany (5 Euro). No idea if it’s the same world wide, but 5€ are more or less the same as $5 so it is pretty cheap for a game of that size and quality.

I finished Alan Wake tonight…maaaan I have no idea what just happened.


Baldur’s Gate 3! It’s such an amazing game that I used a week of vacation time to do nothing except play that game. I’ve never done anything like that before. Forewarning, laying on the couch for a week straight doesn’t feel great physically.

I’m loving “night of the dead” so much, it feels so much like pubg lite modded into a single player game (to the point I suspect it’s that or something similar), it’s got a pretty big open world with buildings that for the most part make sense, you can tell the devs put a lot of effort into making it feel cohesive even if the inside layout of some buildings doesn’t make that much sense. I’m not big on the tower defense aspect of it but it’s growing on me.

If you have a reason to and/or interest in introducing your littlest ones to video games, “king boo” is really good, mind you it’s for really small children, great as a self rewarding teaching time to learn about controlling their frustrations and it also works as a reward for good behavior. I call it the dark souls of 3 yearolds (no combat, only vibes).


I haven’t had much time for games lately unfortunately but when I have found a few minutes here or there, I finally started Morrowind. I’m thinking of making a post about it soon, but it’s still an awesome game 21 years later

I’m replaying Bug Fables, which is a kind of spiritual successor to the first two Paper Mario games. Definitely can recommend if you like that style of game!

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