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I heard for years about this place, how great it was, and how everyone loved it. A couple of years ago, they opened one like a mile from my house, first one ever in the area, within a good hundred miles. We went there and got food. The subs were absolute dog shit garage quality, practically microscopic in size, and cost substantially more than every single other sub shop around(we have MANY sub/pizza shops relative to the size of the city). It closed down in less than 4 months, and I have heard no further rumors of them opening another one anywhere near here.

Maybe they should make a good sandwich first.

Fucking insult to Jersey delis and sandwich ships.

Fuck Jersey Mike’s, may they crumble to dust.

Also, this ain’t funny, this is a goddamn ad, delete this.

I mean let’s kill of Subway first if we’re starting crusades against corporate sandwich shops…

Fast food chains aren’t your friend

Jersey Mike’s is pretty chill


Of course they aren’t. I’m sure they even had that reply planned out in advance.

Still funny though.

This is an ad btw

Now they’re in Lemmy too. We’re being infested.

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