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It’s really screwed up when you’re a horny male teen and you decide to watch some porn with friends. I did a few times because I thought I really wanted to watch porn and the only way to do it at the time (this was before the internet made it easy to get porn) was on VHS. One of the guys said he had a porn tape and about six of us got together to watch it because we all wanted to see it.

There is a really weird sexual tension when you and your straight male friends are all sitting around in secret watching porn together. It’s really messed up.

I did it once more after that but never again … it was just too weird. The other guys stopped after a while too.

Ever since then it made me wonder why guys go off together to stripper bars to watch nude women with a bunch of other men. I know it’s a kink with people and guys more than likely have or just enjoy the homosexual tension … I just never understood it.

I have only been to a stripper bar once. I thoroughly enjoyed the women’s poll dancing skills. Then again, I am gay so it wasn’t going to do anything sexual for me anyway.

Watched a few at a friends house, then one day he was like " we ahouldn’t watch these anymore “. So I said “Oh did your parents find out?”. He was crestfallen and said " No…the one tape I put in to watch, had my parents doing it”. I felt so bad for the guy.

I wonder how much of it is just due to the taboo about sex and private parts. I don’t see anything wrong with straight guys watching porn and masturbating together, but it feels wrong because we’re taught from a young age that sex is bad and nobody can see our privates and stuff like that.

There’s nothing wrong or bad with it, but it’s a little gay, so it breaks their concentration and makes them feel uneasy.

It’s not gay if you’re not getting excited by the fact your male friends are here, if you just masturbate together from watching women in the porn sorry but it’s straight.

I’m bi so not saying you shouldn’t try gay experiences.

I’m just tired of people saying something is gay because it implied a man at some point. Gay is being attracted emotionally or sexually by same gender (or not opposed binary gender) as you

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