Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement that has the same features and is bug/issue free?

Probably a cursed thing to say on this site, but Google’s suite is pretty good if you’re working purely cloud.
  1. There is no replacement that has exactly the same features, because that would be identical software
  2. There is no software that is bug/issue free

There are replacements that can do the same tasks and offer advantages over Microsoft Office (LibreOffice, Nextcloud Office, Collabora Office, Softmaker Office). Their main issue is that they aren’t what everyone uses.
The other issue is that Microsoft Office itself respects neither the open document standard, nor their own published standard for the .docx format, so it’s literally impossible for anyone outside Microsoft to make a 100% compatible program.

The short answer is no. The slightly longer answer is haha, no. You’ll never find a drop-in replacement that is “MS Office but good”, but there are alternatives.

If you don’t need absolute feature parity and can learn to use a different UI, use LibreOffice. This is probably the best FOSS office suite.

If you need collaboration and cloud storage features, and/or want a more Microsofty ribbon-based UI, use OnlyOffice or NextCloud.

If you need to just write a structured document without much visual flair, learn Markdown and use something like Obsidian or QOwnNotes; or use Emacs with org-mode if you want a challenge.

Let’s be honest, sadly there is none.

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