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damn people here really don’t like Monero

People don’t like crypto in general.


I still and always will like the core principles of crypto.

Which is to take away the power of centralized abusing parties
(who slowly steal the value of our current FIAT currencies through deficit spending + fractional banking)
and put them back in the hands of the people through a fair de-centralized system
(which should not allow for deficit spending, nor fractional banking, and respects your privacy on top)

However I (and most people are) disgusted by the shit-show humanity has turned crypto into,
nearly the whole scene is made up of shit-coins, ponzi tokens, NFTs, P2E crap etc…

Monero is one of the few projects that actually still keeps the core principles in a high saddle.
Sadly people tend to forget about the core principles,
and instead get lured into and burned by get-rich-quick scams…

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