I recently finished The Last of Us 2. My girlfriend sometimes watches me play my games. And while I thought that TLoU would be a great game to follow, it was hard for her to watch (due to the violence). I wonder if there is a game that would be easy or even interesting for her to watch while I play, without it having to be something strictly “family friendly” , that also has fun gaming mechanics and isn’t just a walking simulator. Looking forward to any ideas! :)

Life is Strange would be a great one! Just don’t get the remastered because it’s very buggy and has a worse art style in my opinion

Days Gone. It’s basically a biker road movie set in a zombie apocalypse scenario playing out in rural Oregon. Strong story, beautiful graphics, and a healthy balance between scavenging/exploration and fighting.

If that’s still too violent, maybe the Hitman series. That’s basically 95% exploration / problem solving because you have to spend most of your time figuring out how to get close enough to your target so you can eliminate them without causing too much of a stir.

Also Deus Ex Human Revolution or Mankind Divided, for similar reasons. You’re pretty much always outnumbered and outgunned so you have figure out how to get around and complete your objectives without being detected and only pick your fights sparingly.

Tetris Effect’s journey mode is awesome to watch as a spectator.

I don’t know how it would be for active watching, but I had a girlfriend that liked to read or do some light work while I played. She was absolutely captivated from time to time by Shadow of the Colossus. There’s something about the momentum and the music, I think.


Play it takes two with her! :)

I Cast Fist

Undertale and Night in the Woods might be interesting choices, the former more than the latter, in my opinion. Neither has any voices, so if your girl won’t stop to read, she’ll easily “get lost”.

If she’s into futuristic stuff, the Deus Ex games might be good options. They can be violent, but in a non lethal manner if you play “pacifist”. Mass Effect would probably fit into that, too. Would be great for your girl to tell you which lady or dude your Shepard should bang

If you’re into puzzles, the Rusty Lakes series is very story heavy and fun to play, while quite challenging. I imagine it’d be cool to watch and follow the story along. There is a bit of a horror/thriller aspect to it but it’s not really realistically gory as far as I remember.

I think Spiritfarer might be interesting to watch too, though might get a bit repetitive.

Also a not recommended game: I watched my partner replay high on life so many times I can almost quote the entire game. It’s annoying, it’s just a very flipping annoying game unless you’re the one playing it, and even then.


You can find games to play with her like Wingspan

Maybe something story driven like Beyond Two Souls or Detroit Become Human


What remains of Edith finch.


This is such a lovely thread ☺️


There’s a whole channel that kinda answers this! Girlfriend Reviews started as a channel where the presenter reviewed what it was like to live with someone that played games - i.e. how good it was to watch someone else play. She’s started playing some of the games herself lately, but the point still stands.

In a recent video Should Your Boyfriend Play Spider-Man 2? she says it’s

the best game to watch someone else play this year

(at which point I paused to go find this post and see if anyone else had posted this channel already).

Yes, I just remembered this too!

Horizon Zero Dawn. It actually got my wife to put her Switch away and watch. That’s saying something.

Stray is great for an audience

Play retro adventure games, or modern Telltale ones.

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