Yeah, that does make you a bigot. Just because the christian status quo wants to uphold strict gender roles and outdated puritan values doesn’t make those beliefs any less hateful. As a self proclaimed bigot, please tell me what do you think is so sinful about anal sex or cross dressing? And do you really think enslaving people because of those things is somehow less sinful? If that’s what your god calls justice I really don’t think we should take their hateful judgment seriously.

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you haven’t heard before, but from a Biblical perspective sex is for procreation and gender roles reflect the natural hierarchy of God.

Also, it’s not slavery to give people incentives to do what’s right in the long run instead of what feels good in the moment. We also have laws against killing and stealing even though the vast majority of people recognizes that it’s wrong and would never do it. Or would you say that you feel enslaved by the existence of such laws?

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