I’ve been a software engineer for many years so trust me when I say this has nothing to do with how hard or easy it is to install. I used to run Gentoo at some point so I’m not exactly CLI averse. The problem isn’t the installation, it’s maintenance. Shit just keeps on breaking for no reason and I’m tired of figuring out how to fix it.

Linux is simply an enormous timesink. It constantly needs handholding and babysitting in order to work. And it doesn’t even reward you for it with a superior user experience, just a steady stream of problems to fix. Windows might not be perfect, but it at least it works. Meanwhile, Linux is like an insecure girlfriend, it constantly needs reassurance that you still love it.

Linux needs constant babysitting? Hmm I wonder why the majority of the internet servers is Linux not Windows. Even in critical infrastructure where stability is valued, not cost.

However you can’t choose a bad distro (bad for your needs that is) ans expect a flawless experience. When I read your first sentence I expected you to be a video editor or in a field where the industry standard software is only limited to Windows. But if your a developer it’s 100% your fault. I am running Linux for over a decade with zero problems. Only time when I had a problem, I was running Arch (btw) and updating the system blindly, daily.


Those servers aren’t being changed almost ever outside of required updates, a user workstation is much more volatile in regular everyday use.

You sound like you have hobbyist level IT knowledge.


You sound like you have hobbyist level IT nowledge.

Then I should be grateful that my employer is paying me despite my hobbyist level knowledge.

Whatever your employer pays, they are overpaying you.


I have had zero problems with Linux so I lack knowledge and am overpaid? You have problems therefore you are paid fairly? Hmm sounds very logical. Any critical infrastructure project would be lucky to have you.

Furthermore, you have told another commentor in this same thread that they reek of incompetence because they have a 7 hour Windows install, yet I am being overpaid because I don’t have any problems in Linux? So a competent developer should breeze through Windows but should struggle in Linux? Is that it? Kinda contradictory don’t you think?

Oh yes, Linux is great for servers, not doubt, but on the desktop, not so much. Unless all you do is administering Linux servers, I guess.


You aren’t dynamically changing configs, libraries and programs on a production server like you are on a user facing system. That the killer. Linux servers are only stable when you leave them alone.

Updates to servers are generally done by beta testing them on identical hardware in the lab and when you have a functioning image you send that to production. To expect that kind of treatment on a user facing system when you say update the web browser would be beyond unacceptable.

As long as GNU/Linux systems continue to have ABI compatibility issues and general buggy issues between updates, it will never be considered a decent user facing system.

Also the quality of code for CLI programs is far more roadtested than GUI related code since there are major corporate efforts to make Linux servers more stable. Since GUI systems aren’t needed for servers they don’t get the same level of attention. That attention comes from the KDE and gnome foundations which don’t have nearly the same kind of money.

There’s a reason people are celebrating Valve contributing to KDE and related GUI projects as there’s finally some real money being thrown at the problem with real results.

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I use Arch btw

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