Most cancelled day of or day before. But hey. Above 50% chance of playing? I'm in

**Tales From the Tables episode 34: Echoes of the Past, part 1** (of 2, probably). Our intrepid misadventurers begin to uncover the secrets of the long abandoned mansion Laeral Silverhand sent them to explore, and things start to fall into place... Also poor Eri should leave rogue things to the rogue. Whew... I finished this at 4AM. Work has been INTENSE on our ongoing [ActualPlay series]( on Youtube, with tons of new art by yours truly. I'm just glad I've managed to finish this for my usual deadline of the first Saturday of the month. I know it's arbitrary, but I'd hate to disappoint you guys ;_; Whew... please consider [supporting our little comic]( if you can, it helps more than you know. ^^ Obligatory [Linktree]( :)

5e is fine but I also love indie games and creators

Sometimes my rogue goes off on her own for stupid reasons. This time it was because of a stupid mistake. But we survived so it's fine! :D

This comic is a direct follow on from the [last one](, maybe it's a setup for a rule of three joke... ----- Recently, I replaced my entire computer, but I've got my art flow working again.

Sabriel is a great book. Go read it! About a dope 18 year old woman who has to save her father by being a reverse necromancer. So so good.

I saw this and laughed because a few months back I ran a one-shot (Darkmoor I believe) that had possible vampire wildlife in it and used this exact deer for my tokens. And added a bit of blood to the fangs because why not.

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