Plex Will Block Media Servers at Abuse Prevalent Hosting Company | TorrentFreak
>In an email to customers who run Plex servers at the large German hosting company Hetzner, Plex said that access will be blocked next month. It’s not clear if Hetzner is the only hosting company this applies to, but several customers confirmed that they received the same email. Has anyone here on Lemmy got this notice? Self-hosting is still in the green, but with this precedent who knows what Plex could do later.

How do you handle the new [#psyche]( [#disorder]( of feeling compelled to [#retweet]( your twee... X, (shh! i'm twittering a new X!) i'm proliferating something random about [#Unicode]( ? Anyway... here it is: I usually have [#NBC]( on in the AM. But [#PeacockTV]( won't stream on [#Linux]( How do you like that, [@nbcnews]( ? I went with [@abcnewstalent]( on [@plex]( this morning.[#CBS]( now which I'm guessing is the [@amazonfreevee]( [#broadcast]( [#network]( [#news]( I came to mention: I like this better and It's more [#Black](

System Architecture Feedback
I’m looking for some feedback on my Plex system architecture. All my media is stored on a Synology DS 1621+, six 4 TB drives in RAID 6 with one acting as a hot spare. All four network ports are bonded into a 4G link to an Ubiquiti USW-48-POE. Previously, I ran Plex in a Docker container on the NAS. This setup was stable; however, the NAS only has 4 GB of memory shared between Plex, several other Docker services, and regular DSM overhead. Plus, the processor is not very powerful (AMD Ryzen V1500B, ~5400 PassMark). A few months ago I repurposed some old desktop PC parts to build a home lab Proxmox server (Core i7-6700K [~8900 PassMark], 32 GB memory, GTX 970, an old 2.5” SATA SSD for guest OS disks, 1G networking on the motherboard). I’m running Plex on an Ubuntu VM, with the GPU passed through directly to the guest OS. Plex is not containerized in Ubuntu. The VM has 8 CPU cores and 8 GiB memory (different units in Proxmox). My Plex media is accessed via a persistent NFS mount in Ubuntu (had been SMB before a DSM update broke something and the VM could no longer read the directory contents.) The main purpose of the change from NAS to VM was to utilize the increased CPU/GPU horsepower and memory that I had lying around, but I worry that the added layers of complexity (hypervisor/VM, PCIe pass through, NFS mounts) will introduce more opportunities for performance issues. I have noticed more frequent hiccups/buffering/transcoding since the change but I’m not sure if it’s related to my setup or if those issues lie with client devices and/or the files themselves (e.g. weird file container type that the client can’t play natively). Any critique or recommendations on system architecture? Should I get a dedicated NIC to pass through to my VM? Dedicated NVMe drive passed through as a guest OS disk? Ditch Proxmox altogether and go back to Synology Docker container?

About a year and a half ago I [posted a script I made]( for deleting movie content in your library not being watched. Folks really seemed to like it, and I still get comments on that thread every so often. So I've updated it! Far and away, the two biggest requests I got were: - Make it do TV, too - Make a dry-run mode - Edit: Added just now: a protected mode when you volume mount a `protected` file! The code is now available on github here: Even better, no installation is required. You can run it as a docker container like so: docker run --rm -it --env-file .env --network=host python   It now supports TV series as well. Thanks to a suggestion from /u/JimLahey-, I was able to get my head around the idea - I had always thought of managing TV shows as "collections of seasons" of media, but the reality is, if nobody has watched _anything_ related to a TV show in a while, the whole thing can go! And that's what this does: docker run --rm -it --env-file .env --network=host python   No more editing python, either. Create yourself a [.env]( file, set up all of your config, and even enable dry run mode, so you can test to your heart's content: $ docker run --rm -it --env-file .env --network=host python DRY_RUN enabled! -------------------------------------- 2023-08-25T12:40:57.288608 DRY RUN: Chaos Walking | Radarr ID: 1445 | TMDB ID: 412656 DRY RUN: Captain Marvel | Radarr ID: 885 | TMDB ID: 299537 DRY RUN: Captain America: Civil War | Radarr ID: 1768 | TMDB ID: 271110 DRY RUN: Black Widow | Radarr ID: 1517 | TMDB ID: 497698 DRY RUN: Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) | Radarr ID: 1092 | TMDB ID: 495764 DRY RUN: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure | Radarr ID: 1777 | TMDB ID: 1648 DRY RUN: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey | Radarr ID: 1778 | TMDB ID: 1649 DRY RUN: Big Hero 6 | Radarr ID: 71 | TMDB ID: 177572 DRY RUN: Big | Radarr ID: 71 | TMDB ID: 177572 DRY RUN: Batman Begins | Radarr ID: 1745 | TMDB ID: 272 DRY RUN: Assault on Precinct 13 | Radarr ID: 1212 | TMDB ID: 17814 DRY RUN: 21 Jump Street | Radarr ID: 1096 | TMDB ID: 64688 Total space reclaimed: 164.88GB   To use protected mode, just create a text file with one TMDB/TVDB ID per line and volume mount it as `/app/protected` like so: docker run --rm -it --env-file .env --network=host -v /home/user/protected:/app/protected python   Good luck! Please let me know if you have questions or problems and I'll do my best to help out!

Random skipping on direct stream? Temp fix.
I was wondering if anyone bumped into this. I noticed random jumps (1-3seconds) in playback when playing original quality. Definitely not buffering or performance lag, just an actual playback error. Jump was at the same spot anytime I loaded the media and regardless of what time I loaded it to. Which is curious because on playing the file with a different media player on the box it was on, zero issue what so ever. Disabling direct stream option (under debug) resolved it, and there doesn't seem to be much of a performance hit, I'm just curious what's going on here.

Question for SnapRaid Users
Can SnapRaid restore the a lost drive in the case where the other data drives have been written to since the last sync? My understanding of the principles is probably just lacking, but I worry that using parity based on the other drive's data would only work if the data on the other drives had not changed since the parity was last calculated. So do I invalidate my last sync as soon as I write new data to a drive in my arrray?

Heading to the beach with a portable @plex server, router, and a WireGuard tunnel back home.
Heading to the beach with a portable [@plex]( server, router, and a WireGuard tunnel back home. cc [@caseyliss](
Heading to the beach with a portable @plex server, router, and a WireGuard tunnel back home.

Windows v Linux Server (So I can self host more)
I currently have 90Tb of libraries shared via a Windows server. I've been using Mediasonic hard drive enclosures with 8 or 16Tb drives and Windows/Intel storage spaces for 4 drives for the "Movies" library, 8 drives for the "TV" library, and another 4 drives for "Photos" and other random NAS. I literally only share with family, but, that's still about 12 users across the US due to school. I have a stable 1000/1000Mb fiber connection that has been working perfectly for the past few years. So, my issue now is, I want to host my own Lemmy, Matrix, and NextCloud servers, but they all seem to need a Linux-based server. I've read in the past that Linux Plex servers run into a lot of issues since it was designed to run on Windows. I'm not averse to buying yet another computer, but, before I do that I thought I would seek some advice if I should combine everything into one Linux server, or leave Plex as its own Windows server and put everything else on a new device.

Having trouble with folder permissions on Linux
I'm very new and I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there any way to set folder (and future subfolder) permissions on Ubuntu? I use the Arrs and new folders are made automatically when something completes, but I constantly have to use Plex to optimize my videos before they'll play. Unfortunately, the new folders get locked when they're made. I'm not sure what I've done to my setup, but I'd love some help if anyone is willing.

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Everything plays with really low quality
My computer crashed recently, and I had to reinstall everything. Since then, I could not have anything above 720p anywhere besides playing directly on the computer that runs plex. It looks like the maximum rate is 2 Mbps regardless of the original format. I my install is pretty much the same as before. I run plex as a docker container on Kubuntu. CPU : I5-4590 GPU : GeForce 1030 I installed the Nvidia toolbox for docker as well, and everything should be good I tried activating, deactivating HW transcoding, playing with the transcoding speed option, disabled the iGPU to use only the 1030, but nothing seems to make any difference. I first thought it was a certain format, but it seems to affect everything. I tried to optimize a file by encoding it with the plex option, but the issue stays. I thought about a network limitation, but nothing is supposed to have changed. I'm kind of clueless now on what to do next Any idea on where to look? Edit2: Solved! I unchecked the "use relay" option, and that fixed it. I still have issues with certain clients, but that's another problem. I found it odd that everything defaulted to relay when it could have direct play with certain clients. Thank you for the help!

If anyone has received their email I’m curious how you handled it. I’ve looked at colocating my NAS, but it’s incredibly expensive ($250/month for 2U and 1 gig).

Tidal worth it?
I'm in a musical rut for sure, Tidal is the obvious solution because it integrates with Plex. What plan do you use (if you do)? I use PlexAmp all the time, have a lifetime pro subscription for plex. I prefer high quality but not sure about that $19/month pricetag...

In this guide I will explain how to add edition tags to movies or alter already existing ones. This guide assumes you have access to the plex database. ### Limitations While this solution enables anyone to add/remove edition tags that will show up in any app/website that supports them. Some features are still be restricted to PlexPass subscribers such as displaying other editions on the movie details page. ## Method ### 1. Identify your plex database location. Generally your database should be located here: `[Plex data directory]/Plug-in Support/Databases`. But depending on your system `[Plex data directory]` will be different. [Here is a list of common directories.]( ### 2. Identify your plex binary location. This might be a little more difficult as there is no nice pre-made list as there is with the data-directory. Try googling a little. In my case the path is `/volume3/@appstore/Plex Media Server/Plex Media Server`, since I installed plex in Volume 3 on my Synology. If you are unable to locate your plex binary you may still be able to continue if you have sqlite3 installed on your system. Though I have not tested this solution. ### 3. Connecting to the database Open your terminal and make sure you can access the plex binary. If your plex binary is on a server or in a docker container you may have to access it using ssh. In my case I have to use ssh: `ssh Quark95@`. > You may have to enable ssh access on your system. Now we can connect to the database using SQLite. The command will look like this: `"[Plex binary path]" --sqlite "[Plex Data directory]/Plug-in Support/Databases/com.plexapp.plugins.library.db"`. Alternatively you could try `sqlite3 "[Plex Data directory]/Plug-in Support/Databases/com.plexapp.plugins.library.db"` And for reference my command looks like this: `"/volume3/@appstore/Plex Media Server/Plex Media Server" --sqlite "/volume3/Plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-in Support/Databases/com.plexapp.plugins.library.db"` Now a prompt should appear that looks like this: `sqlite>` ### 4. Finding IDs Now you'll need to find the ID of the movie(s) you want to edit. To do this, find the movie in your plex library on desktop, in the ... menu select `Get Info` and press `View XML`. In the XML file that opens you'll find the id as a string here: `<Video ratingKey="108014"`. Where in this case `108014` is the id. ### 5. Editing the database > Before you continue I must warn you that editing the database in this way is not supported and if done incorrectly, can in a worst case scenario corrupt the plex database. However, as we are doing only minor changes, I feel it is relatively safe. Here are some examples of common commands I've found useful: Remember to change `<your movie id>`, `<old tag>` and `<new tag>` or you may get an error. - Add/edit edition tag for a single item: `UPDATE metadata_items SET edition_title = "<new tag>" WHERE id = <your movie id>;` - Add/edit tag for a list of items: `UPDATE metadata_items SET edition_title = "<new tag>" WHERE id in (<your movie id>, <your movie id>, <your movie id>);` - Edit all instances of a tag from `<old tag>` to `<new tag>`: `UPDATE metadata_items SET edition_title = "<New tag>" WHERE edition_title = "<old tag>";` # That's it! -- Quark95 🖖🏻

PlexShare | | Finland | M: 1820 | TV: 169 | 1Gbit | Free
Hi everyone, im running a plex instance and i have some user and bandwith capacity to spare. unfortunately plex has a user share limit of 100 Users therefor i delete users that haven't streamed in more then a month and the link might at some point not work because the user limit has been reached so try again in a month You can request stuff on and sign in with your plex credentials The server is located in a Finnish Datacenter has a bandwith of 1Gbit/s and 20TB of storage.
PlexShare | | Finland | M: 1820 | TV: 169 | 1Gbit | Free

Plex and Dolby Atmos
Hey guys, I've used plex in my home for a while but decided to share my collection with a friend. It seems that even when I can get plex to do a direct stream, it still transcodes the audio and he only gets 7.1 channel audio instead of dolby atmos. Any idea what setting I've got wrong? The file I tested was one I had ran through handbrake, ensuring that I left passthru enabled.

Anyone else using plexamp?
Nowadays I'm practically using plexamp far more often than I watch my own video content on Plex. I started using Plex for music about 6 months ago and plexamp has been such a powerhouse of a music app in ways I never expected. I really appreciate the specific DJs they give you with sonic analysis. I've realized it's also made me enjoy buying CDs again, which are especially cheap these days!

Running Plex in docker
I currently use an Ubuntu distro (Mint) with Plex installed serving media to my local network. I installed docker last night so I can test out some photo hosting services. Is there a benefit to running Plex through docker vs the traditional method?

Guide: Plex Meta Manager step by step setup
This was originally posted by u/studioleaks on r/PleX but wanted to copy it across in case the subreddit doesn’t come back out of private. Without further ado… so, this is what you do and bare with me…i struggled until i got this to work…so, this guide will be done using docker 1- before you touch docker, create a text 3 files in notepad titled (config.yml , movies.yml , tv.yml) 2- create a folder called plex meta manager whatever you like 3- place the 3 yml files in that folder 4- download latest docker for plex meta manager 5- to go to your docker and launch the container, go to advance settings, go to volume and select the plex meta manager folder you selected, then the box next to it type “/config/” 6- type in your PUID and PGID (i usually use 1000 for both but do you) and type your TZ your done for docker, now for the fun stuff, open your config file with any text editor, there is many config files but i will give you what i use 7- paste this into your config.yml but replace all the xxxx with your own info []( for trakt just fill the first two boxes and the rest will be filled automatically …also remember to use the correct path names for your library Note: you might have seen in most guides the reference to - git: meisnate12/MovieCharts , ignore it because for some reason this git shit ruins my setup, just follow my steps if you are noob like me 8- paste this into your movie.yml []( which will generate movies collections for all the oscars winning movies, best movies via RT for the years selected, trending movies, popular movies Note: the lines you see with “#” you need to remove the “#”, the reason i have it is because i already ran the code once for these years and I don’t to waste 30 mins to run every time, i assume there is a better way to do it but imma noob…run it once without the # then return the # 9- paste this into your tv.yml [](, this will give you trending shows, popular shows, and best new shows of 2021 AND YOU ARE DONE ! go to docker container for plex meta manager, double click…go to terminal…go to create…“launch with command” and enter python -r now if you followed everything, the script will run…keep in mind it will run daily at 3 am, this is just to kickstart things…there is many many ways to customize this some more, but for now lets stick with this

Getting stuttering playback on a Roku 3 when Direct Playing some content
I've recently upgraded my Plex instance to separate out the storage side and the compute side. In general, I couldn't be happier - the compute side is a little HP prodesk with a quicksync-capable CPU, and the results have been phenomenal. I have one user who has been complaining about stuttering playback when doing Direct Play on a Roku 3 (2015). When they switch to transcoding, it works perfectly. The only time I've seen it, it has been doing a direct stream of MKV -> MPEGTS for the video container with a transcode of DCA 7.1 -> Stereo audio. Bandwidth is not the issue and they were the only ones streaming at the time. Do you think the Roku choking on it somehow? My 2017 Shield TV can fully direct play it without issue.

What are the best ways to start a home media server legally?
Ive been wanting to make my own home media server for a bit now along with doing some other things, but how do i do it can i use any tech device as a media server, do i buy a bunch of dvds and digitize them. what exactly are the steps that need to be taken?

Been building this server up for about 5 years, adding hard drives as needed. Running unraid E5-2698 v3 64gb ddr4 ecc X99-E WS P600 for transcoding 10gbit networking w/ 3gbit fibre WAN 15 HDDs of assorted sizes, totally 148TB, 132TB usable

Get your Plex Prerolls here!
I've uploaded 52 of my favourite prerolls for you to enjoy! Check out the [Plex support article]( to learn how you can add them into your movie watching experience! Edit: (a PeerTube instance) doesn't have a means to download the videos directly, so instead you can use [YouTube Downloader]( and paste the list of links in [quafeinum's comment]( below. Edit 2: [This is another option]( for downloading. Thank you

It was supposed to be a temporary setup but it's stayed like this for a while.

What’s your favorite Plex preroll?
I've been using for a while and I love it!

Plex for Mac, Windows, and Linux v1.70.2 Released
Version 1.70.2 has been released for Plex for Mac, Windows, and Linux. NEW: Added support for new password requirements. Discover Together: Add context menu option to share library with friend in Profile page. Discover Together: Update Social button zero state in the pre-play pages. Show all friends and accounts in Library Sharing Modal and Watch Together. FIXED: (Mac) Fixed application not quitting correctly Community: Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite spinner in the play button of a Activity page. Discover Together: Fix View State Sync upsell positioning in Profile page. Discover Together: Fix remove activity from watch history not refreshing list. Discover Together: Hide pre-play friends activity when setting is disabled. Discover Together: Hide social proof zero state in pre-play pages. Discover Together: Prevent error message when visiting home admin profile. Fix DVR schedule broken links. Fix loading spinner in managed account Watch Together modal. Remove the legacy ‘Plugins’ page from the global app settings. Removing a Plex Home user causes wrong display list. Restored the star rating to artist pre play Search: Fixed wrong poster style for People results in search results page. Updated device icons for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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